Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Bloom Day Glimpses

The official Bloom Day post could not hold all that is blooming here without being much too long. Here's more. Darla wondered when I posted the preview what I could possibly have left out.

Smaller, younger azaleas under the Oaks on the north side of
the Upper Garden.

A glimpse of the Upper Garden from the east end
with the above azaleas just a spec in the distance.
Loropetalums are not yet in full flower.

Buffy's fav, white Loropetalum just coming into bloom.

Blueberries in bloom and tiny fruit. Pears and peaches are
also blooming. Grapes have tiny buds.

The daffodil show which started in February isn't
over: Hawera and Sailboat here. There are
still some daffodils in bud yet to bloom.

Philadelphus is coming into bloom.
P. inodorata takes up where dogwoods leave off.
Mama called them 'English dogwood.'

Dogwoods and Azaleas carry the spring show.

Four of my favorites clockwise from upper left:
Pink Pearl, George Tabor, Formosa and Pink Ruffles.


  1. All just wonderful and amazing! I'd love to grow some western azalea and see it blooming amid the redwoods but - I just don't have what it takes to tend to them, sunny ridges do not riparian species happy make! So I'll enjoy your wonderful colorful shrubs - and my ceanothus!

  2. I love English Dogwoods (I call them that, too). Your garden is so colorful. LOVE the azaleas. I am so frustrated with my remaining one (out of many, many that I've killed). Buffy is adorable!

  3. The Azaleas are magnificent and the Dogwood blooms are so lovely. What a fabulous start to Spring.

  4. You do have a great selection of blooms. What a feast for the senses!

  5. You are ahead of us slightly. The dogwoods here are just getting ready to open.

  6. What a lovely sight! I was reminded that I want a Mock Orange for the front border.

  7. I love azaleas. Beautiful showing. I'm sure enjoying this time of year. Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. It's amazing to me how early spring comes to your southern location. In some ways, it's like a glorious preview of coming attractions for me! As many of these blooms work their way north, the dogwoods and azaleas will get to my Gettysburg, Pennsylvania neighborhood in May; but some of these plants (e.g., Philadelphus) are summer-blooming plants in my Maine garden.

  9. Gosh I miss Azaleas during the spring! I live in an area where the winters are cold and long so most gardeners will not include them in their landscapes. Thanks for sharing.


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