Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Most Fragrant Daffodil I've Grown

I don't know why I never noticed the
fragrance in previous years.

One fell over from the rain. When I bent to
see if I could prop it, I caught the
incredible spicy fragrance.

It's name? Tahiti.
Exotic with a scent to match.

Tahiti's only down side is the tendency
of the buds to blast if we have many warm
days before they open.

Blasting is true of any double, many of my
Erlicheer blasted in mild winter.

Tahiti is one I'll want to plant again.
That rich spicy fragrance is such that I cut
one to bring into the house to enjoy.

Secrets of a Seedscatterer       


  1. I Love daffodils, but they don't grow in the tropics. I will have to enjoy them through your photos.

  2. Oh for smell-o-vision! Like Africanaussie, I too live in the tropics. I did attempt to grow daffodils one year. It took an enormous effort putting bulbs in the fridge and buying special bulb potting mix. I was rewarded with a couple of daffodils blooms that lasted for a little while though. Not sure I'd go through it all again!

  3. NeilJean,

    We will look for this one. Most of our daffs are just leaves and no blooms, really sad. Maybe 40% are going to bloom it looks.

  4. The best gardens appeal to all the senses.Tahiti is really beautiful, and its spicy fragrance makes it even more special.

  5. Will have to keep my eyes peeled for Tahiti, because I can't resist fragrant blooms in the garden. But what does it mean when you say it has a tendency to 'blast'?

  6. How pretty - I wish I could smell it! We have so many mild winters here, so we get a lot of bud blasts from susceptible daffodils too. I love fragrant daffodils, though. I just had a bunch of my 'Sweetness' daffodils open, and the fragrance is divine! In the evening, the scent lingers in the air..

  7. I just brought in a couple of my Tahiti, just opening here in SC. Love its fragrance! Have them planted around the Coralbark Maple...color echo.

  8. I will add that to my list for fall planting. I love the fragrant bulbs.
    I just realized I have created a lovely open space for bulbs when we cleaned up the front shrub border and I am delighted. Now, if I can just motivate myself to actually plant the bulbs this fall.....

  9. Beautiful flower! I sure it smells wonderful.


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