Monday, April 16, 2012

The Day after the Bloom Day Before

Flowers in my garden are never as spectacular on Bloom Day as they are the next.  Yesterday held pretties but today there are more roses. A Longiflorum/Asiatic lily and a southern Magnolia have bloomed. Everything looks brighter.

LA Lily and Hydrangea putting on buds.

Spiraea bumalda

Corn and California poppies and Larkspur

Oakleaf Hydrangea coming into bloom.

'LIttle Gem' Magnolia, first bloom of season.

Julia Child, my fav floribunda.

Brocaded Gown, my fav yellow hemerocallis.

Watering helped; we're hoping for rain tomorrow.


  1. We have had a dry spell as well. Rain is predicted for Wednesday...hope it comes. I know what you mean about blooms being better after GBBD has passed. Yours are lovely. The magnolia bloom is spectacular....hope you get rain as well.

  2. What an amazing array of flowers I would only see in my summer

  3. i love the Oakleaf Hydrangea - any helpful hints on where to plant one. the spot i want to put it is part shade and gets a load of rain from the roof - can they take a beating and sit with wet feet?

  4. Our Oakleaf is blooming too. A lot of us are wanting some vitamin G...

  5. Oh how funny - you will have to put all your flowers on notice that it is the 15th of the month. Then again it is the 15th here fully a day before you get it in the US. Those lovely flowers were worth waiting for....

  6. Oh dear! I NEVER actually take the pictures on the 15th.

  7. I see what you mean about it being "Summerprill" in your garden. Wow! I'm amazed that you already have lilies, daylilies and Spirea bumalda in bloom. In southern Pennsylvania, the late spring Spirea nipponica just started blooming this week, and daylily "Ivory Gown" in my garden (which is probably a relative of your Brocaded Gown) won't bloom until July. -Jean


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