Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Views in April: You Should Have Been Here Tomorrow

Like Town Mousie, I want views of the garden in all its glory. The big show of azaleas and dogwoods left as quickly as it came. The next wave is slower but every day there are surprises and new blooms.

When He-who mows comes out of his workshop,
he gets a view of Knockout roses with Belinda's
Dream and Reine des Violettes on the ends.
The fragrance is the best part. Only Reine des Violettes
has noticeable scent, but it carries on the wind.

You can just see the new tractor behind the roses along the wall of the tractor shed.

Out front, there's more color daily as California Poppies,
Salvia farinacea and Echinacea come into bloom.

Maroon breadseed poppies are blooming with Larkspur and
Violas. Purple Heart has put out new growth.

 Violas along the front edge will soon wither in the hot sun. Chartreuse alternanthera from last year is putting on fresh growth between the violas. I have more cuttings to set out to make the edging uniform.
 There is a new Cycad on either side of the entrance to the Oval Lawn, rooted pups from my neighbor's big Cycad. Not a photographer nor a professional yard-keeper, I have no qualms about showing you whatever is there. I left the post hole diggers and a spading fork where I have pentas to set out on the far side of the Oval Lawn. In the distance are blueberry bushes. Oh, you have to see them! I have a picture from Monday.

Blueberries! Grape Arbor and Stick House in the distance.

The second rooted Cycad, in front of Belinda's
Dream rose and a better look at my spading fork.

"Old Gardeners never die... they just spade away."
Thanks, Lenorah, for the new sign. I hope when my
time comes, I just fall over into the compost.

Since I started this post, I've been out and brought the spading fork and posthole diggers to shelter. Thunder in the distance indicates we might get a rain shower.


  1. Fabulous views of your garden blooming...love that sign!

  2. Oh yes, I agree with you, it's perfectly fine to show things as they are. And your garden is certainly worth showing, everything so lush and green.

  3. Nell,like you, I always have some kind of tool in the background or foreground!

    I love the sign and I would like to end my days in the garden too!

    I read a book once and that is how it ended.....in her garden in a bright flash of light.

    When you get through with your rain showers send them up our way....please.

  4. Beautiful views! I love the green lawn winding through the flower beds. That would be an impossible luxury here. Have a lovely April.

  5. Thank you for the tour. I'm impressed. I have months before my roses bloom. Happy gardening.

  6. Looks great to me. I have red breadseed poppy seeds if you are interested. I'll be posting photos tomorrow.

  7. I love that sign! What kind of blueberries do you have? Looks like you're going to have a good crop this year.

  8. Hope you just fall over in the compost! hahaha I hope things are going well for you. By the way - I know there are mixed feelings about awards, but I am giving your blog The Sunshine Award because I appreciate you. I hope you will take it as a compliment. The post is here: http://dreamingofroses.blogspot.com/2012/04/delivery.html


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