Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Last Look in the Greenhouse before Plants Move Outside

Things look so good in the greenhouse. It's time to move them before the heat gets unbearable for them.

Most plants are on the floor where it's marginally cooler than up higher except for a few eggplants and peppers. I took out the center shelves and put down more bricks. Despite the fogger which wets the brick and stones it is hotter in here than outside. Right now, 88 outside, 93-95 degrees F inside, depending on where the sensor is placed.

Bell pepper bloom. Orange was
first to bloom.

Tomatoes are near the max temperature for good performance.

Seedling chives, ready to plant out.
I have oregano hunting a home, and
rosemary promised to someone. Parsley
is in the garden for butterflies, except
for one plant that I accidentaly pulled
up and put in a pot.

Coreopsis at bottom goes in the ground as soon as I make the bed ready. The broken pot with
succulents goes outside. The purple Alternanthera will remain -- it's a seedling that summered over
last year with almost no water in unbearable heat. It filled the entire south wall during the winter. 
I cut it back recently. All the pots that were in here have alternanthera seedlings now. I'll plant out some to weave among the Roses. I still have to place the red and chartreuse Alternantheras. Hot weather is about to catch me running behind. I planted out Gomphrena last night at dark.

All else that is left is mostly tropicals.
I paid two dollars for a tiny staghorn fern in late winter.
Growing like a weed, it has to find a summer place soon along with
some Bromeliads still in here, Tecoma stans,Pride of Barbados and
Daturas over on the left ready to plant or pot.

Oh! I almost forgot. The Baptisia seedlings. After two months, two came up. Now I'm waiting for the seedlings AND I'm waiting for the fresh seeds so I can plant more. There is no END to it!


  1. Oh my goodness you are so busy! But what joy to have so much growing and thriving!! And I have serious green house envy :)

  2. Bell peppers and tomatoes already producing! And everything looks so healthy! A place for tropicals...your greenhouse is wonderful.

  3. It is warm inside your greenhouse. It sounds like the plants would appreciate the outside now that they're all flourishing.

  4. Everything looks great in your greenhouse and I know they will do well for you outside.

    I have some datura (yellow) seedlings growing from seeds I got from you.

    The vine that came back for you may be the alamo vine if it has funky looking leaves and then white trumpet blooms with purple throats.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed a nosey around your greenhouse, everything looking so good. Very warm in your part of the world, we have had such a very cool April seldom above 50f.

  6. What a neat greenhouse you have, and all those plants--how wonderful! It's already so warm in Georgia--here in Washington State where I live, we've had 2 days of 80 degree weather, and it was great! Been rainy and much cooler for most of the spring. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment--most appreciated!

  7. I have been cleaning out my greenhouse this week too. .you're right. .there never seems to be an end to it :-) I'm intrigued about your baptisia seedlings. .I bought a plant last spring from High country gardens. .and it died. .though it was SO hot all summer, I didn't have anything else die. .I didn't think about trying to seed some myself!! I'll have to check into that! Enjoy your week!


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