Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Do You Really Want to Know about Me?

HolleyGarden tagged me for the Sunshine Award, an honor bestowed on her by Kevin of Nitty Gritty Dirt Blog. We're supposed to answer some really probing questions here. Is there anything else you've wondered about besides what kind of potting soil I use for my seedlings?

1. What is your favorite color?
    Yellow, it's the color of sunshine. This winter there was not a yellow flower in the greenhouse. Yellow flowers are roses, daylilies and lilies and reseeders like Black-eyed Susans. Maybe next winter I'll force 'City of Haarlem' hyacinths.

2. What is your favorite animal?
    If I say Dog, you won't tell the Cat, will you?

3. What is your favorite number?
    You know how the garden experts always say to plant in groups of three? I plant in groups of  9, 11 or 13 unless I'm planting shrubs. A flat of 18 annuals will make 2 groups of 9 to really show up in a bed. Three daylilies are a start; 13 is a good show. Eleven can be divided into two groups of 3 and a larger group of 5 among other plants.

4. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
     Ruby Tea. Strong iced tea with barely enough sugar to take away the bitterness. We drink a half-gallon a day when it's hot. Tetley used to be the brand of choice, now changed to the store brand.

5. Which is your favorite - Facebook or Twitter?
    Facebook; I don't Twit. I think it's better to join groups on Facebook. I belong to groups from where I went to elementary and high school, garden groups and groups devoted to one type of plant like Epiphyllums.

My favorite poster on Facebook is my grandson Billy. He never passes along those app pictures with the quotes on them that pass for communication, He writes original sentences. He makes going for a bike ride interesting reading with pictures of the baby for good measure. Sometimes I have no idea what he's talking about, so I know that wasn't meant for me and I just wait for another baby picture.

I'm Jean Jones Campbell on Facebook so my friends who knew me when can recognize me, Nell Jean here.

 6. What is your passion?
     My greenhouse. Actually it is just a vehicle for seeing things grow, which is my real passion. 

7. Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?
    The kind of presents I love getting are those that require only thought and effort, no money: a blue beer bottle found on the roadside, sawing an old telephone pole into lengths, found metal objects, volunteer seedlings.

I have trouble deciding on presents for others. Will they like it?

8. What is your favorite pattern?
     Paisley. Geometric. Snakeskin. Polka dots. I can't decide.   

9. What is your favorite day of the week?
     Every day's a holiday, every meal's a picnic. We are retired.

10. What is your favorite flower?
    Which is your favorite child? Usually it is the one currently blooming.

If I knew you liked memes, I would tag you. I don't want to annoy anyone. If you want to answer these questions I'd be delighted to know more about you. Every garden blog I read is worthy of an award for getting out there, digging and planting and taking time to make photos to share. You are all winners.


  1. Wonderful award and fun to learn some things about you!! Congrats...

  2. I liked learning more about you, and you ended very graciously. I need to learn to plant more in larger groups. Good lesson in that.

  3. I'm glad you accepted this award Jean. It's always nice to find out just a little more about the person behind the blog. Yellow has to be my favourite too, what's nicer than sunshine.

  4. Its really nice to know a little more about a gardener than just the garden itself.
    And especially when it comes to passion about planting and gardening - who would know best - to ask a gardener about a plant is more thrilling and fun.

    Glad that you plant more than a group of three.

  5. I always enjoy these "learn more about the gardener" posts. I was not surprised to learn that the dog was your favorite animal (or at least a specific dog :-)), but I hadn't realized that you were a fellow lover of the color yellow. Thanks for sharing. -Jean


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