Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Containter Tomato Patch -- Peppers and Eggplants, too

When it starts nearing triple digit temps in the greenhouse, plants must move on out where they get shade in the afternoon. Recycled shower curtains and potting soil bags mark their spots.

 Eggplant bloom.

 My thinking is that harshest summer winds during thunderstorms come from the northwest. There is some shelter back here. He-who-mows fears that one day we'll come out and the old oak tree just beyond my container garden will be mostly on the ground. Pipevines are growing on it for butterfly
hosts. There is an old peach tree there somewhere with nine peaches on it.
Tomatoes, yes. We are a ways from ripe.

I lose count. I think there are nine tomatoes,
eight peppers and 6 eggplants. Pot sizes vary.

Figs grow to the east of this little spot. My pic didn't turn out.

The greenhouse still holds some ornamentals that need
planting out. Then we'll clean up and put a table and chairs in
here for rainy afternoons -- in case it does rain.

Twenty per cent chance of showers and thunderstorms today, Thursday and Friday.
I still have spot watering to do; most flower beds got deep watering yesterday and the day before.


  1. You are so well organised! Those tomatoes are looking good and you've motivated me to try planting eggplant. (I've ordered seed so far.)

  2. You have tomatoes already! Our late, cool and wet spring makes me think -should I even plant tomatoes this year? I'm afraid they won't have enough time to ripen. For me, it's a tough decision, since I can't imagine my garden without them. Maybe, I need to plant only cool season vegetables! Good luck to your vegetable garden!

  3. Nell ~ You really amaze me with all that you grow there. You are organized and you are an inspiration.


  4. All of your plants look wonderful! Our tomatoes are the same as yours in size. We will dig up potatoes soon and we are currently harvesting onions, peppers, english peas and green beans. It's been a great start this year!

  5. Your tomato plants look so healthy. Can you grow tomatoes all summer or does it get too hot like it does down here?

  6. Thanks, everybody. I'm actually only organized in pics. I have to make lists so I don't forget something and find it all dried up in a day or two.

    I don't know how far into the summer we'll have tomatoes setting fruit. I hope to keep the plants going until fall and bring them inside. If that plan fails, I have more seed.


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