Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fried Green Tomatoes by Default

Yesterday we had considerable wind. Some of the pepper plant containers blew over. No harm done. Then I looked at the tomato side. A big plant had broken off about 5 inches from the soil line. I snipped it off as cleanly as I could.

Three limbs are left. It will come back.

No use to waste even the tiniest of tomatoes.
I picked them off, sliced and battered them and cooked them for supper.
Just a tiny serving each, but so tasty!

Neither my mother nor my MIL ever fried green tomatoes.
My brother's wife used to fry some green tomatoes in with the okra when
there wasn't enough okra for a full dish when the season was just beginning.
If there's any vegetable better than fried green tomatoes it is okra and green tomatoes.

We'll eat eggplant soon.

Anytime now for peppers. 

Is it just my imagination or does it seem like summer?

Oh! We had fresh blueberry pie yesterday.
He-who-mows picked enough berries for a pie.


  1. I just put my peppers and tomatoes in the ground under a hoophouse a couple of days ago. We are weeks and weeks and weeks away from a harvest. And my blueberries are still flowers.

  2. Interesting...I like okra, though still burned out from tomatoes growing up w/ a Sicilian mother! But perhaps I need to try them this way?

    I think summer has arrived here, too...up here, today's the 1st day it really feels like it is here.

  3. ... and we are just days away from triple digits temps. Grow where you can, what you can.

    I forgot to say that I took suckers from the axils of the broken tomato top and put them to root. I can't follow a written plan. Too many variables lead me to something else. It is usually more plants, more work, more joy.

  4. It is summer here!90's and extremely dry. Doesn't bode well for the gardening season.

    I love fried green tomatoes and okra but never thought about combining them. I will try that this year.....if I get a tomato to set.


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