Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Urban Stone and Old Brick for a Greenhouse Floor

I wonder if Pinterest users actually recreate the garden items they 'pin' to boards or if they're just for looking?

UPDATE: A better photo from this morning before the sun cast shadows across the floor.

I recently 'pinned' a photo from the LA Times featuring a driveway paved in Brick and Urbanite. It was just what I needed to pave the center of my greenhouse where I'd put pavers around the perimeter and left the center for possible planting, which is not going to happen.

The floor's purpose is not only for a suitable walking surface and decoration. The mass of bricks on edge and thick concrete pieces act as a heat sink. During the winter, heat is stored in rock, concrete and brick during the day and slowly released when the sun goes down. Not enough BTU's are stored to actually heat the structure but there is enough to help with mediating the temperature. In this case, the stonework is an adjunct to 200 gallons of water stored behind the blue skirt. Heating on freezing nights is done with electric heaters or heat lamps but every little bit of stored heat helps.

The floor was already partially paved with Urban Stone and Brick, but not in the Copacabana pattern of swirls and random pavers. The paving elements were just laid on the ground and stuck up above the pavers, a hazard for walking.

Twelve gallons of soil were removed to try to make it level enough to safely walk.

The random tiles at the bottom are a tribute my late friend Sally Shirley, who picked them from a trash pile on her morning walk. She brought them to me because she knew I used scraps for projects. They were left as they were.

The bricks are from an old chimney and the Urban stone was once a concrete area in front of the old barn door, broken into chunks when the barn was torn down.

The mister apparatus that helps with humidity and cooling leaves wet areas on the floor. Moisture can soak right in the cracks.

Have you pinned any projects on Pinterest and carried them through in your Garden?


  1. I really like that! I'm getting more and more interested in "creative reuse", even/especially in paving materials in the garden. I literally just signed up for Pinterest yesterday - so your photo is one of my first that I'm pinning as I begin collecting my chosen photos of inspiration!

  2. So creative looking! I love the white pebbles in the middle. It is a nice contrast. I don't pinterest, but I have seen a few projects in magazines and given it a go. Usually they don't end up as nice as yours.

  3. I love your recycling ideas, and that pavement is certainly lovely and artistic. However, i am not into pinterest!

  4. Now that is a cool idea mixing materials. It is very creative and artistically interesting. Love it!

  5. Now that is a cool idea mixing materials. It is very creative and artistically interesting. Love it!

  6. Love this! My pinterest borrowing ideas have mainly been inside projects. I do however plan to try some of the gardening ideas.

  7. I love your paved floor idea!! With 4 young kids, a busy work schedule, and all the things in between, I rarely find time to hang out on Pinterest. .but I really love looking through the ideas! The things I have pinned are things I totally intend on doing in my own yard someday!! I also have a binder with cool ideas of things to remember to try from magazines I see. .many of the ideas have been done or modified to my own yard!! We live in a world with such great technology. .which is both a blessing and a curse!! Good for you to find an idea and carry it to your own backyard!! You'll love that design every time you walk inside your greenhouse!

  8. What a great project Jean. Excellent job. I don't use Pininterest myself (I found I could only join using Facebook and I hated the idea of any company compiling all that information about me) but I've often wondered too if people actually do anything with the photos they collect.

  9. What a beautiful design! I'm going to flag this post to come back to it when I'm ready to create a patio for the new entrance garden that will be part of the landscaping for my as-yet-to-be-designed-and-built house addition. -Jean

  10. Yep. I do a bunch of bits and pieces of pinned items in my "real" life. Something's r the shadow, the light, the mood, color, color hue....etc my interpretation...u know


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