Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Is a Laneway?

First noticed on Pinterest, on a pin that I can't find now was something called a Laneway. When I saw it, I thought, 'Oh, we have one of those!' From what I can determine, a Laneway is what we call an alley, or a field road. The one pictured on Pinterest had two narrow ruts the way our field roads and lanes look.

Most of the pictures of Laneways that I found were from Australia. Other parts of the world show something called 'Laneway housing' which I never quite understood how the term applied.

A Laneway adds another element to a garden
 We never set out to 'build' a Laneway. It evolves from the path that machinery takes going to and from the field. Curves follow the corners of a field.

Laneway tracks in this part of the country are packed sand. Grass grows
between the ruts formed by big tractor tires. I never gave much thought to
field roads until someone on Pinterest considered it desirable to add.

What are Laneways called in your part of the World?


  1. that strip in the centre, where the wildflowers grow, is called a middelmannetjie in Afrikaans. Our driveway is 2 narrow tracks of gravel. Wild grass which has to be hacked back when too high for cars. I have lots of cuttings of purple daisies, now blooming.

  2. We call that a Carolina driveway! :-)

  3. I had no idea there was a formal name for it, other than a dirt road. We have one here that leads from the main driveway out to the orchard, as we drive the tractor through that area quite often. I wouldn't have thought anyone wanted one on purpose. I do like it though, as the weeds and wildflowers there seem to attract the bees and butterflies. I just don't like driving on it in winter, as our soils get quite soft.

  4. Have just found a picture for you, from the Kirstenbosch Chelsea exhibit.

  5. I think we just call them the muddy drive. Often they lead to quite a grand house and the ruts are so deep your car really is in danger of grounding.


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