Thursday, June 28, 2012

Butterflies and one more Crinum

Black Swallowtails found my parsley. I first saw eggs and now caterpillars are munching away.

The most abundant butterfly is Pipevine Swallowtail, maybe because of the abundance of pipevines in the far backyard.

I caught these on Tithonia this morning:

Unknown Crinum cultivar

The winds from the outer bands of Hurricane Debby caused minimal damage here and brought scant rain. Now we've moved into usual June weather. Hot, hot, hot and predicted to get hotter.


  1. Wonderful butterfly shots, and I love those crinums.

    Sorry you didn't get any rain. We had an over abundance, but not as much as those north of us with flooding, etc.

    Keep as cool as you can.


  2. I added a pipe vine to my garden 2 years ago but it's still small. I don't think it likes my clay soil. Brutally hot here, too, but fortunately for both of us, the butterflies don't seem to mind. I enjoyed your beautiful photography!:o)

  3. Great to see butterflies in all stages appreciate your garden. It is so hot here today I think even the insects are taking shelter!

  4. lovely butterfly photos. Glad you did not have much damage from Debbie. We had a lot of damage here from that rare, straight-line wind storm called a derecho.


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