Friday, June 15, 2012

Bloom Day June: Goodbye Spring, Hello Tropicals

Happy Bloom Day! I almost forgot. Usually I get pics on the 14th to make sure I have blossoms on the fifteenth. It rained 1.1" yesterday.

Pentas are among butterfly staples blooming now.
Ruby Pentas. The shadow on the leaf confirms the common
name, Star Flower.

Pentas are one of the best butterfly plants,
Pipevine Swallowtail here.
Colors range from white to pink to rose to red, even a
lavendar. These pale pinks are blooming with Persian Shield,
Mexican Hats, and Graptopetalum not seen in pic.

Representative of daylilies now in re-bloom.
These are today's blossoms; not every daylily blooms every day.

True lilies are almost all done. Orania still has a few blooms.

All these are at the end of their best bloom period:
I am experimenting with taking blooms, snipping off the calyx
and putting them in a mixture of cornstarch and talcum powder
until they fade, to make a homemade dusting powder with
that incredible fragrance. I'll let you know if it works.

Purple coneflowers are starting to
fade. Cutting them back will
bring more blooms but they've
passed that glorious time when
butterflies swarm them.

Hydrangeas are in the fade stage.

So, if many are fading fast, what will bloom through the summer?
Daturas and Brugmansias. The purple datura pic was
not of good quality; brugs are between blooms.
This white Datura smells very sweet after dark.

Tithonia is just now opening. The Duranta behind it is slow to
put on blue blossoms, but they're coming. Mexican hats are
showy, but they attract no butterflies as does Tithonia.
Ratibida will soon need a haircut to make room.

Porterweed, Stacytarpheta is a popular butterfly
garden plant also just now starting good bloom. Those little
purple flowers will bloom all the way up the spike.
I stuck rooted cuttings in several beds for butterflies
to nectar, and tucked in Parsley plants as hosts for
Black Swallowtails.

Alpinia gingers behind do not bloom here but add color.

Pride of Barbados, only the second bloom, and Tecoma stans.
I started more plants of both from seed this spring,
planting out as they reach good size. 

Eleven is my target number for showing bloom day pics. Roses are still blooming, crape myrtles are in full bloom except for the white and lilicina which are later than watermelon red and early pink.

I'm trying not to have plants in the greenhouse when the temperature reaches triple digits. So far we're managing but for every pot I plant out, I start seeds or cuttings to replace in spite of myself. Gerbera daisy seeds that I planted last week are sprouting, 3 so far. Baptisia seedlings need bumping up to a pot from the tray where they finally sprouted.

Are you compelled to grow more and more, or can you follow a plan?

Happy Bloom Day! Join the fun at May Dreams Gardens where Carol graciously hosts.

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  1. I always get a kick out of your bloom day photos ... your hydrangeas are waning, mine are just showing color.

  2. We are at the time of year when I prune, take cuttings and shove them in. Or it all gets chopped and chipped for mulch. So unexpected to drive my trowel into the clay, and IN it goes!

  3. What a tropical feel for GBBD. So many plants I never heard of before, and also ones that are just annuals for us but bloom their heads off through summer.

  4. I get carried away from time to time, but with all the work this year I have not been so eager to plant. I do have about 10 echinaceas that I need to plant, but I am waiting until some of the rabbits stop nibbling. Sometimes the little ones hang around for a while, and then move on. I am very interested in knowing how that Gardenia powder works out.

  5. Great Bloom Day post, I love seeing what you have flowering. You are so way far ahead of me. I have a tendency to just keep propagating, I have trouble sticking to a plan.

  6. I really enjoyed seeing all of your interesting and colorful plants. So many are new to me. But seeing the photo of the pentas reminded me that I did plant three of them last fall. I'll have to go out and look tomorrow and see if they came back...I had forgotten all about them!

  7. I've never had much luck with datura. Yours looks luscious. I'm curious to know how your gardenia powder works out.


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