Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Herb Garden Planter after 2 Weeks Growth

Chives on the second level tend to lie down.
More chives are in a pot to the side.

Top level has Bush tomatoes.
A large container tomato broke and I rooted suckers
Second level, Thyme and parsley, chives at back.
Bottom level has oregano on two sides,
rosemary at the back.
Lettuces and and violas tucked here and there.

There's a little tomato!

Violas despite oppressive heat.
They'll be followed by basil if
I ever get seeds planted.

If you missed the tomato in the
pic above, here it is again,
near the bottom.

It's really handy to have herbs at the back door
instead of far from the house.
I can run out and get some lettuce for tacos
until it bolts in the heat.

This is the cedar planter that I won in the giveaway on Garden Rant a few weeks ago.


  1. The closer to the back door, the better. Sometimes I put off walking the few steps out to the garden to get anything! I think I am getting lazy.

    The plants are doing well. That must have been some very good potting soil.

    We are excessively hot here too.

  2. I'd say that planter is working out very well. Everything looks lush and healthy.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  3. What a cool looking container! Chives always lay down if they are over watered....I find my love it dry, dry, dry...

  4. That's such an interesting planter for growing herbs. You're able to get so many into it!

  5. Good to see an update on this planter which I was very taken with.

  6. What a clever design for fresh herbs within easy reach! Lucky you to win it as well. I am surprised as to how well everything is doing in this heat.

  7. What a lovely clever design! Hope that you don't mind I link one of your photo and your blog to my blog Tädin eläintarhassa (The blog is written in Finnish.)

  8. And here it is how I linked it http://ottokissa.blogspot.fi/2017/06/yrttien-kasvattaminen-pyramid-planter.html


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