Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blooms in the NIght

Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Two of six blooms that opened tonight. I gave one to Debra T. with a piece
of stem and leaves that will be rootable.
I cut 4 when fully opened and put them in the extra refrigerator
for friends to see tomorrow. They'll stay open in the dark and cool. 
I brought one inside the house. The perfume is so sweet and spicy.

Brugs open wider at night and the perfume is delicious.

Brugmansia blooms waiting for pollinators in the night.

This is a real event. I never tire of seeing and smelling them.


  1. Great night time entertainment !

  2. Hi Nell Jean, i remember reading your post on EO last year when i still haven't watch them bloom. I have waited for two years and this year, earlier than yours I was able to watch them bloom, and i had a vigil. I posted the episode drama last July. Actually the big clump bloomed in 6 series and there are only maybe 7 small blooms left now. But i watched the 2nd batch, which has the most number of blooms, it was really incredible. I posted the different stages from 4pm to midnight.

  3. Now you remind me that a friend was going to give me a cutting from her night blooming cereus. I'll have to remind her so that I too can enjoy that scent!


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