Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New Burlap Look in the Greenhouse

Come see the 'new look' where I removed the skirting with the hippie tape trim from the greenhouse water barrels. I copied outright this idea from D. Reyne's blog where she skirted the worktop in the little garden house she calls 'Tinker' with burlap. Donna used upholstery brads with decorative heads, which I have yet to buy. Mine is stapled and taped with Duck brand tape that matches the burlap.

Underskirt is a black plastic tablecloth from the Dollar Tree.

If it looks a little wonky the center is directly under the grey steel
post to left of the plants in white pots. To each side, the pleats are  farther
apart and the last pleat is near the end. This view gives another glimpse of
the improvisational floor I did in the spring.
The old skirting was bright blue, a summer look.
Cooler weather is welcome here.


  1. Good job. Tinker is such a cute little house!

  2. Quite an effort you put in there :)
    Such a lovely greenhouse you have now.

  3. Nell ~ I always love seeing inside your greenhouse and I love the burlap.

    Cooler weather is most welcome down here too. We are seeing a hint of it. Hurray.


  4. I like the new look and the floor.


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