Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Garden Is Ready for Halloween

There are no bats and witches or pumpkins, but Halloween is represented.

Plenty of orange Tithonia and near-black Daturas with black stems.

There is a compulsion here to save every
broken leaf to grow another Ghost Plant.

Ghost plant grows in the cleft between two rocks.
Graptophyllum paraguayense is hardy to zone 7b.

We still see the occasional Tiger.

There is an abundance of orange Gulf Frits.
This was less an intentional combination than a happy accident.
I planted the Daturas; Tithonia grows where it will.
When Datura buds open, the blooms are purple and white.
Open buds are mostly seen at night.
Unless there's some white, they are
hardly noticeable in dim light, except
for the sweet fragrance.



  1. Great photos. The ghost plant is really neat, and I'd be planting leaves that fall off, for more too.

    I just posted my yellow datura bloom in bud, that is from seeds from you.
    Thanks again for sharing with me.

    Enjoy your weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Never seen those black daturas out in the west...amazing. Very velvety, rich in appearance...seems like something to try, since all we have are a few different white species.

    Interesting to see your butterflies...our's all seemed to have gone away.

  3. I keep seeing your tithonias and liking them. Maybe I should try them again. I wasn't impressed with mine the first time around.

    We are having Halloween like weather here now, cool and crisp.

  4. Happy halloween! The colors sure are represented in your garden. And halloween is not very far away...


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