Friday, September 14, 2012

September's Blooms seem Different

Oh, it's a long, long while From May to December
But the days grow short, When you reach September.
When the autumn weather Turns leaves to flame...

-- lyrics by Maxwell Anderson and Kurt Weill

Leaves are not yet aflame here, only an occasional falling Virginia Creeper leaf in bright red and a tint to the Dogwoods. Mornings are cool and the wind feels brisker.

Canna indica, Indian shot.
These old cannas are here for 70 years.
Once in a while one blooms. Big bronzy leaves look tropical.
Agapanthus blooming in September with purple
alternanthera supports look like a 'Storm Cloud.'
Like Autumn Belle, pale pink Pentas are my
favorite. A Swath of Red backed by some
red globe amaranth attracts many butterflies.
Fall butterflies are busy and hard to catch in a photo.
I didn't even try. Sulphurs, Skippers and Gulf Frits are
the most plentiful right now.
There's a Madgascar periwinkle to match every shade
of pink to rose Pentas. I just noticed that fact today.
Next year I'll put it to best effect.
Lantana montevidensis and Purple heart is
one of my favorite combos. Salvia leucantha
is not quite ready to bloom to add yet another
purple shade.
Belinda's Dream roses continue in bloom with
Pentas and Lemon Grass. Cycad has a huge
bloom in the center with orange seeds just
beginning to show.
I was very pleased with planting Pentas, two kinds of
Datura and a Brugmansia in the same bed.
Periwinkles and Melampodium planted themselves.
A last look, clockwise from top left:
Persian Shield, Tecoma Stans (Esperanza),
Loropetalum in Fall bloom, Pentas and Melampodium.
Thanking Carol for continuing to host Bloom Day.



  1. Never knew Pentas could grow so big! I'm having red one just like yours but in a tiny pot :)
    Lantana looks nice too. Is it in lilac color? And the persian shield is gorgeous, love the color! Not sure if its available in Malaysia.

  2. Lovely blooms there in your country gardens. Enjoy the cooler weather and the coming of autumn.


  3. I love the combination of the blue agapanthus and purple alternanthera. It looks like a subtle and moody corner of the garden. Happy Bloomday!

  4. Yes, autumn is definitely in the air here although our leaves haven't changed color yet. I am very drawn to your Persian Shield and have added it to my 'must have' list.

  5. It's looking more like summer in my garden, too, rather than fall. Actually, better than summer now that we've had some decent rains. Beautiful pentas! I only planted a few this year, and they didn't do as well because of the drought. Too bad, because they certainly are butterfly magnets.

  6. NellJean, I've seen that post by Autumn Belle too. In my case i love that color in yours. I actually have the pale pink last year, which i think just came from my other pentas, however, it didn't grow this year. I just let them hybridize on their own there, dont get the seeds and just let nature take its course. After the long dry season, i only have the dark violet now. Maybe you should hybidize the violet and white and see for yourself what happens. All those plants you posted are also in ours here, i love them because they can withstand neglect.

  7. Beautiful! I love the lantana. I have the purple in a small pot and need to get it in the ground.

  8. I really like the Lantana. Doesn't grow here in Scotland but it always reminds me of our Spanish holidays when the girls were children.

  9. Lovely blooms! I'm so thankful for lantana--our poor garden would look bare right now without it and Japanese anemone! Persian shield is lovely--I think I definitely need to add it to the garden. Thank you for the tour of your blooms--I just found your site and look forward to visiting again soon!


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