Monday, October 15, 2012

Bloom Day where Fall Colors Have not Arrived

It's too early for brilliant leaf color here. Sometimes it never arrives, leaves just turn brown and fall. We do have signs of impending cooler weather.

Roses are putting on a final show.
A cutting of this rose is in bud in the greenhouse.

Pentas with purple Alternanthera and bare stems of Agapanthus.

Gulf Muhly's feathery blooms with remnants of
Melampodium, Lantana and Tithonia.

'White Dawn' with red berries of Dogwood in background.
It is time to gather Dogwood berries and stick in the ground
where you want them to grow.
Tecoma stans Esperanza still blooming.
Cloudless Sulphur butterflies are still visiting.

Tecoma stans seeds are bountiful.

Camellia sasanqua's abundant buds are
starting to open. They smell like tea.
We could have frost at any time but it is not imminent.
Our nightly temperatures are still in the low fifties Fahrenheit.
Let's join Carol at May Dreams Gardens where Roses continue to bloom and see what blossoms other gardeners are enjoying this Bloom Day.


  1. Oh, your camellia is wonderful, and so are your roses. I love that Gulf Muhly. I have not yet put any grasses in my garden, but I am seriously thinking of putting some of these in. It is just such a beautiful color, and I love the feathery look.

  2. I think fall roses are much better than summer roses.
    Unfortunately I killed all my roses by not dipping my pruner in a disinfectant between prunings and spread RRD throughout. I may give up on them completely now.

    I love the pink grass.

  3. You have just put Gulf Muhly on my wish list ... I'd never heard of it before! Thanks for sharing.

  4. It is fun to see the differences in the gardening zones. We are almost finished with blooms, but the fall colors are pretty this year.

    I always love seeing your muhly grass.


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