Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gulf Muhly and other Southern Favorite Grasses

Gulf Muhly (Muhlenbergia capillaris) looking to the West.
Backlighting enhances the vivid infloresences. 
Viewed across darkest Daturas and Lantana montevidensis.
Tithonia self-planted. It adds a real spark, I think.
I did not come easy to planting grasses, they seemed so

Muhly Grass takes the stage just as Duranta's graceful
fountains lose their petals in this bed.
Lemon Grass Cymbopogon with White Pentas

Vetiver Grass behind Lantana montevidensis
I must admit I've developed a fondness for Gulf Muhly,
Lemon Grass and Vetiver.


  1. I love the Gulf Muhly. My pink muhly is just starting to bloom. I am so happy with it. We bought one plant last year for $6, and divided it to have two plants. I am thinking about dividing it again to have more.

    I also have lemon grass.

    Thanks for sharing your grasses.


  2. Hi Nell,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...I've just joined Botanical recently and have not had time to get it up and running as I wish. I appreciate your nudging me and giving me the reminder!

    Happy Gardening,

  3. Dearest Nell Jean,

    You are lucky for being able to grow your lemon grass outdoors! Here it can be too cold and you loose it.
    Love your header with the Epiphyllum. Yes, their fragrance is glorious and it was a reward to have ours bloom twice this summer.
    Have a nice October month, feels great now...
    Hugs to you,

  4. I have two that I put out this year, they haven`t bloomed yet and I`m wondering if that is common the first year? great pics!

  5. That muhly grass never fails to fascinate! What a beauty, and although I've never seen it here, we are zone 6 and I think it's listed as hardy to zone 6. Hmmm.

  6. weedy moi? I'd say exuberant and OTT in the nicest way. My favourite grass is the Festuca glauca, which is more refained and well-behaved ;~)

  7. I have recently become fond of grasses. Thanks for sharing. I like the pink muhly grass the best.

  8. Loved your muhly grass, I don't think it is hardy enough to survive in our garden in North East Scotland.

  9. I absolutely adore Gulf Muhly...stunning in bloom!


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