Friday, October 5, 2012

What Natives are Doing this Fall

I went to look for citron melons yesterday. They're a troublesome weed in cultivated fields. The ladies in charge of Fall Festival have an idea for the kids to decorate citrons rather than pumpkins, thereby getting rid of some hateful citrons and saving the cost of pumpkins which do not grow wild here.

On the way to find citrons, I passed through the meadows where the wild things grow.

Agalinis, false foxglove.
Silkgrass, Pityopsis graminifolia 
Goldenrod, Solidago
Yellow Daisies
Flat to the ground leaves of Elephantapus
Only seed pods are left, the flowers have faded.
An area where dead limbs burned grows rabbit tobacco, sumac,
 big bluestem wild cherry  and goldenrod.
In the far view is a solid row of self-planted agalinis.
Closer look at Agalinis.
There is more agalinis than usual and more yellow daisies than
last year. Rabbit tobacco is scarce for some reason. 
The grasses have changed. There is less broom sedge Andropogon virginicus. Other andopogons -- little bluestem and big bluestem are present. I didn't make pics of them nor Eragrostis spectabilis purple lovegrass, which reminds me that I looked at Gulf Muhly this morning and the infloresences are starting to show but not yet that beautiful pink haze.
I took the highway back home so I could show you my neighbor's fall decors.
I found citrons in the cornfield.
Diana reminded me that readers outside the rural south might not know citrons.
Citrons are a bitter melon akin to watermelons, but not tasty at all.


  1. Beautiful natives! I love the fields with flowers! Your neighbors entrance is very festive! Happy Friday.

  2. citrons? Something in the citrus family?

  3. Citron melons, a cucurbit, unrelated to citrons that grow in Europe on trees.

    Here's a link: Citron Melons

  4. Lovely native flowers! I enjoyed seeing the neighbor's mailbox too. Have a good week!

  5. I love goldenrod at this time of year. It makes the fields and meadows glow.

  6. I love the idea of decorating an invasive melon instead of pumpkins. It's free and a helpful way to get rid of an unwanted weed. Love your fields of wild flowers. :o)

  7. I have never heard of citron melons. I am checking the link shortly.

    Love the neighbors decorative entrance. I am too lazy to decorate anymore.

  8. I learned something new today reading your post about citron melons. I had never heard of them before. I'm assuming they are yellow or orange similar to pumpkins? I enjoyed viewing the wildflowers on your trip and your neighbors fall decor. Thank you so much for stopping to visit me.


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