Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Colors and Blooms

I skipped Paperwhites this year and concentrated on Hyacinths, shown in the last post. The Gypsy Queen Hyacinths have formed thick roots that are pushing the bulbs upward. I hope eventually they will pull themselves down.

Christmas Cactus in Bloom is Here: Christmas Cactus.

There are other festive flowers blooming:

Susie brought me Pineapple Sage.
It sits beside the Firecracker Fern which has bloomed ever since I brought it inside. I potted up the Graptopetalum that was growing with it. That Ghost Plant will grow with anything, a good filler.
Tillandsia cyanea bloomed since I bought it.
The pink bract was there, the blossoms just
come out and stay for a few days.
A red begonia I potted up is blooming.
I potted several pieces of Persian Shield before
cold weather. Frost took out some in the garden;
those in more sheltered spots are still growing.
The fern is in a pot with a Bird of Paradise
that has a new leaf but no buds.
A view of the potting bench where I potted up
Hyacinths on the 5th. In the foreground is a bromeliad.
None of them have blooms but the red foliage is festive.
If you click and enlarge, you can see Christmas Cactus.
That's a tomato plant behind the heaters -- we only needed heat for a few
nights recently. Lately the weather has been very warm.
Past the tomato plant you can see a green pepper or two, big enough to
eat. The tomato plant beside the peppers has marble-sized fruit.
There are some tiny eggplants, too. This is my first year for trying to
bring vegetables to eating size, inside.
Today I planted lettuce, spinach and carrots in big rectangular planters.
They are outside on Ike's 'porch' until freezes send them in. I'll have to
find a spot for them to sit on cold nights.
Thanks for coming by to see what's blooming.


  1. So much blooming in your greenhouse! What a paradise. Good luck with your vegetables. How fun it will be to have a fresh tomatoes in the winter!

  2. I will be very interested in how the veggies do. I keep trying to think of a way I can grow some greens during the winter.

    We are unusually cold here right now, 17° this morning.

    Enjoy those beautiful blooms in the greenhouse.


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