Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Flowers for Bloom Day

Come and peek into the greenhouse to see what's blooming indoors; then we'll look at the blooms outside. My goal is blooms year 'round even if I have to fudge a little in January with forced bulbs if a hard freeze takes out Camellia blooms here in the Coastal South.

Christmas Cactus, Graptopetalum and bromeliad Neoregelia
in a grapevine ball in the midst of chaos.
White Christmas Cactus at top.
Top left Christmas cactus color is not yet determined, the last to bloom.
Can you see the green pepper at bottom center?
I cut back a tall plant and blooms appeared and now a pepper!
Next year I want lots of white begonias, bottom right.
The Christmas Cactus cutting above has yellow
blooms. They show up white here.
This one is obviously pink and not quite open.

 Benfica Amaryllis about to move into the house for Christmas.
Firecracker Fern Russelia equisetiformis, and
Pineapple Sage in aqua pots are both blooming red.
For Christmas we will have food for the soul -- Nymph Amaryllis --
and food for bodies: Green Pepper, Tomato and Eggplant, all plants
that were in containers outside that I cut back in early fall and brought
in when they regrew.
Violas from seed added to pots of purchased Pansies
outside the greenhouse doors.
Outside, Camellia japonicas are coming into bloom.
Some of the later-blooming  Camellias have fat buds.

The old Camellias that bloom by Christmas are starting. 

Camellia sasanquas have more petals on the ground than on
the tree now. The petals last a while on the ground when it's
cool, looking like snow -- as close as we get.
Benfica Amaryllis, a last look.
The first Amaryllis in bud was Elvas --
I took it to the Beach on Thanksgiving for our
daughter-in-law and son to enjoy.
It bloomed the next day, so I missed it.
Happy Bloom Day to all and a very Merry Christmas.
Join Carol for Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens and share your December Blooms.

If you have trouble commenting here, the Word Press version is Here: Bloom Day.


  1. Wonderful blooms. I can only aspire to such a flowery December. I am lusting after your greenhouse.

  2. I'm interested in your technique of cutting back plants and then potting them up for the greenhouse; I want to do something similar, with tomatoes i thought of using the part that one removes from the leaf axils to make cuttings that would be good plants to grow on in hte greenhouse when it becomes cool enough for the pollinaters to enter. Christina

  3. Like Christina I am fascinated by the way you have cut back edibles and brought them indoors, I wonder if that would work in my conservatory. I think it is the light levels that would be the problem for me. Happy GBBD!

  4. You have a lot going on in winter! I like the white cactus bloom.

    I also have a blooming amaryllis, "Bogota" as well as a few others I need to put into dormancy. They really are a great way to bring the cheer of flowers in cold climes in winter.

    I also have a Firecracker Fern Russelia equisetiformis, in my rock garden.

  5. I too love the greenhouse. I like the white begonias and can see why you want more, but then again, I like all white flowers for some reason.

  6. Wonderful to see your camellia blooming outdoors. Here in South Dakota, the best we can do is grow the shrub indoors and give it time out under the trees in summer.

  7. I love your greenhouse and blooming things. But I especially love the veggies that you have there. It is so exciting to see peppers and eggplant at this time of year.

    Happy GBBD

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  8. I loved your white Christmas cactus. You have a beautiful collection. Sigh.

  9. Janet and Christina, there is nothing scientific about the cut-back veggies. They were container plants that I had outside. When they began to look sad in late summer, I cut them back. When near frosts threatened I brought them inside. They had already formed fruits. The tomatoes continue to bloom and set fruit when we have a series of warm nights of about 55 degrees F, which happens here in December. The eggplants are not happy campers when cool nights come. The peppers don't seem to mind. One pepper that I cut back to a stem about a foot tall has blooms now. It's all fun.

  10. Thank you to all who admire my blooms. The greenhouse was a DIY kit and cost less than a vacation. Every year I plan for the following year by assessing what worked. Except for the scarlet one that I bought some years ago and have taken cuttings, the Christmas Cacti are cuttings from a dear friend.

  11. I long for the day when I also will have a greenhouse. My son says he will build one for me, maybe in the spring when he finishes the henhouse!

  12. What fun it must be to have a greenhouse where you can stretch out the season!

  13. Nell, I am so impressed with what you are doing with that greenhouse!

    I was looking longingly at the south side of the shop yesterday.....thinking......just thinking. Wiring is close; water is close, sheltered from north winds...a possibility??

  14. I thought now is winter, but you have blooming cactuses and flowers, also ordering ice-cream? Hope the days ahead are special for you and wishing you a Happy Merry Christmas!

  15. Our winters are mild as compared to farther north, Autumn Belle and we eat ice cream the year around. Except for Camellias, who laugh at the cold, our blossoms are indoors.


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