Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Very Last Blossoms before the Freeze

They almost stayed until Christmas.

Wide open blooms of Mathotiana will turn brown when
freezing temperatures reach them.

Tight buds are not affected by freezes, just open blooms.
As soon as nighttime temperatures warm again, we'll have
blossoms again and the brown ones easily fall off.
They are held on the plant by a single circle of cells, I read. 

Camellias sasanqua blooms are at the end of their season.
White petals cover the ground like our version of snow.
Tomorrow they will all be brown but they were a pleasure.

I went out and picked as many Pentas stems as I could. I have plans
for white Pentas in a bed of whites next spring. You can't have too many
Ruby Pentas, just ask the butterflies.
When these flowers fade, I'll clip off the heads and keep the foliage in
water all winter. In the spring, I'll cut off the bottoms of the stems and
root them. 'They' say there's only about a 10% success rate, but last
Spring I had really good rootings. There are already rooted cuttings in
the greenhouse, lots of pink and rose and a few lavender too but
there are seldom enough when planting time comes.
Previous cuttings of Duranta failed to take, so I took more.
In previous years, they've bloom well inside. 

Red Shrimp plant usually survives.
I only took cuttings of the white, just to
see it bloom under glass, which is the
only time mine blooms.

A few brave Echinacea remain.

Yellow lantana gave up at first frost.
Lantana montevidnesis is still blooming to the delight Friday of
a Sulphur, a Gulf Frit and 2 Skippers that I saw.

One lonely little Gerbera daisy blossom.
They are root hardy here.

I'm glad to be in out of the wind, which is fierce and cold today.

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  1. Lovely photos as winter sets in. I am not familiar with Maltothiana or red shrimp plant. I will have to get more info on them. I am waiting for spring and starting to plan my gardens at the new house we just bought in Virginia.


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