Friday, January 25, 2013

From now to Spring, It's Daily Discovery

When I went out to try out my cardstock photo background again today, I found treasures. Some required the backboard; others are exciting just as they are.

Erlicheer daffocils are open!

Elicheer, dramatic with a black background.
Fringes of white Loropetalum.

Fringes of fuchsia Loropetalum.
As exciting as it is to find fringes here and there, the big show comes when the entire
Loropetalum trees are in full bloom in the landscape.
Graptopetalum in bud, ready to bloom. The rosettes of the plant look like flowers so it's funny
to see its own tiny flowers also that ghostly grey.

Graptopetalum  and Sedum acre between stones with chickweed starting.
I weed out chickweed when I have time. Hot sun in late March will take
out this obnoxious winter weed.

The biggest surprise, a yellow Daffodil in bud among Lantana.
We still have to go through February with its history of some hard freezes.


  1. Adore those Erlicheer Daffodils. Simply stunning. The fuchsia Loropetalum is quite lovely too. The Graptopetalum in bloom was a surprise for me. What gorgeous little grey flowers!

  2. I did this same thing with black card stock a few years ago. Then I cropped the pictures and had 8x10 prints made and framed them. They came out great. I love playing with the camera in the garden. Love your flowers!

  3. My Erlicheer is just peering up through the ground, no where near close to blooming.
    I like the use of the black cardstock in your photos....time to hit the store!! Great results.


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