Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hyacinths Inside and Out with Storms on the Way

Hyacinths are blooming in the greenhouse, in the house and outside in the yard.

 Blue Jacket in the Greenhouse

China Pink outdoors

When hyacinths bloom, so do Daffodils.

Narcissus. All Daffodils are Narcissus but Tazettas are the ones
we commonly refer to as Narcissus.

In the greenhouse again. These are ready to share with friends.
These were chilled from early October to early December.
Next year bulbs need to go in to chill in September as soon as
bulbs are available if we want Christmas bloom.

In the house among the orchids.
A single Hyacinth can perfume a room.

Outdoors. These have sparse blooms because they are recovering from
forcing last year. Given another year, they'll be full again.
When florets fade, I pinch them off leaving the green stem
because it helps make chlorophyll. The plant will  go
into the ground outside in good soil up to the bulb neck
to bloom in subsequent Springs for a long, long time.
As I post this, the storm is 177 miles away.
We watch its progress with everything fastened down
outside as winds increase.


Andrea said...

Oh how so beautiful hyacinths, i prefer the blue/violet though. I have seen them in their natural habitat growing on the ground, only once in Sweden. After that i only see them in pots imported from temperate countries and may die after flowering.

Lancashire rose said...

I love the smell of hyacinths. Unfortunately they do not do well here. I guess we can't have everything. But you know I could grow some inside the house. what a good idea.

Sarah/ Galloping Horse Garden said...

So you can actually get your hyacinths to last more than a year outdoors? I'm amazed. Mine have been pretty pitiful after the first year, and I'm north of you (Raleigh area). How do you do that?

gld said...

Did the storm arrive?

The hyacinths are beautiful. I think their fragrance might be to strong inside for me. I do enjoy them outside though. I hope to remember to try forcing some next fall.

NellJean said...

Sarah, I don't know if I'm just lucky or if it's the loamy sand here that drains so well. I think cultivar might have something to do with it, too.

It smelled really good in the greenhouse this morning, Glenda. Just one to a room is better in the house.

HolleyGarden said...

Love seeing your blooms! I think you must be a couple of weeks ahead of me. They are all beautiful. Ah, welcome, spring! Hope the storm was not bad for you.

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