Monday, January 7, 2013

Joys of January: Taiwan Cherry and Camellias

I walked past this several times on Saturday and never noticed blooms.

Taiwan Cherry
Just past the Cherry tree is a seedling
Camellia with a bud ready to open.
This morning I noticed the glow of blooms from far across the yard.

I rarely see Taiwan Cherry seeds; birds eat the seed pods
 as soon as petals fall before seeds mature.
Speaking of birds and seeds, Robins should be here by next
month to finish off Dogwood and other berries that are
still on the trees.
I crawled under the bush to get a pic of the first White
Camellia japonica bloom.
Camellia sasanqua is on the way out of bloom but still
shedding white petals on the ground like snow.
Yesterday was overcast. Today brought sunshine and high fluffy clouds.
Expected high is 61 degrees F. No freezes in sight, but we may get rain.


  1. Hello! I hope you have a fabulous 2013! I appreciate your efforts to get good photos of the camellias! Mine are not so easy to get photos of, either. The Taiwan cherry is lovely. I was not familiar with it. I must get out to see what is beginning to bloom in my own garden. We hardly have a pause for winter, though we have had some freezing temperatures.

  2. Nell Jean,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I am stunned to see a cherry blooming in your neck of the woods. That is wonderful. I am so envious. We won't have blooms on cherries for at least a month and a half. Although, where I used to work in Washington, there was a cherry that started flecking out individual blooms beginning in late November and kept this up through when it should be blooming in March. I love your camellias. Those Are blooming here in Oregon. Hope that you are having a great week.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  3. I do love seeing your natural gardens. The blooms are beautiful. I like to get good shots, but have never crawled under anything to get one! Someone might have to come along and pull be back out!

    Thank you for doing it though.
    My daughter keeps telling me I need some early flowering trees; I think she is right.

  4. You have lots of blooms, and they are not growing in our lowlands, some in the colder uplands though.


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