Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ods and Ins on Bloom Day January 2013

Of course I know it's Odds and Ends -- inside joke. We are blessed to have an abundance of blossoms this warm spell in January. I dread February when freezing weather returns so am enjoying blooms while they last.

Even I was surprised to find a Gerbera Daisy blooming.
Gerberas are one of the longest lasting plants I grow.
If the crowns are kept from getting covered with soil, they go on forever.

Taiwan Cherry

When I first went out this morning, two American Painted Ladies were nectaring on Lantana montevidensis. Of course when I went back with a camera, they hid. Later I saw a huge yellow Sulphur hanging around the pansies outsdie the greenhouse.

Loropetalum, two different: one has dark leaves and fuchsia fringes, the other has green leaves and pink fringes. These were seedlings from Miss Billie Harvey. There is also a white, just starting to open its fringes.

White Azaleas, bought as Delaware Valley White. They always
start  opening first time we have warm days after Christmas.
The real azalea show is in late March.

Paperwhite Narcissus Just behind them are Graptopetalum paraguayense
and Sedum acre growing among and on stones .

Thanks fo Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day this January.

Camellias are on Seedscatterer Wordpress and Greenhouse Blooms are on Dotty Plants Journal this Bloom Day.


  1. You have some lovely things blooming at the moment. That stunning white Azalea caught my eye, as did those two fabulous Gerberas. The Loropetalum is just fantastic as well.

  2. Glad you able to be out enjoying blooms there before cold weather hits. It definitely has been a mild winter.


  3. It looks like a pretty Spring garden, not January. Happy GBBD.

  4. Wow, Gerberas in bloom in January in zone 8b. I haven't even seen that in my own, warmer zone 10b. I enjoyed the Camellias on your other blog too - the colors jump off the page!

  5. At first I thought the gerberas were plastic stuck in the ground! They are so perfect. I grew them once for about 15 minutes! They are not for my climate.

    I love your early blooms.

  6. So nice to see spring somewhere. Dealing with mighty cold temps here in Michigan - so it's nice to know the warm weather can't be far off!

  7. Fantastic winter blooms Nell Jean! Must be nice having outdoor blooms in January. Happy Bloom Day!

  8. Such a treat to see real blooms outdoors on this frigid Bloom Day! I'm most impressed by your gerbera daisies, though, Nell Jean--I can't get mine to even last through the summer!

    Thanks for the tips on my Kalanchoe; I'll see if I can get it to root some babies.

  9. Beautiful enough blooms to perk someone's day. When blooms are not plenty they are more special.

  10. So fun to see Paperwhites blooming outdoors! And I love the lavender lantana, too. I had a lovely red Gerbera in a pot over the summer, and am keeping it going in my cool basement under a grow light through the winter. Hopefully it will bloom again this summer; it was so pretty!


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