Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seedling Camellias

Two of the ancient Camellias that I showed yesterday are parents to 6 seedlings in the garden.

The seeds were stuck in the ground some years ago underneath some azaleas. A couple of years passed and I forgot about them until I one day I noticed little plants about 10 inches tall.
They thrived when moved to better locations.
First bloom on this one this season. Many more buds.
I'm guessing the pollen parent of this one as Blood of China.

both the above were on this bush:
 I can look at each seedling and guess the pollen parent. This one had to come from Mathotiana.
I am giving it a 'garden name' of Mary 'Stelle for the sister in law who planted Mathotiana here, because it is pink and looks like a rose.
An oak limb fell on this bush and took off all the branches on the right side. They were full of buds. I broke off the buds and stuck each piece in the ground in hopes that one or two might root.
There are two seedlings more yet to bloom, a pink and a red.
I couldn't help myself when seeds got ripe last summer.  I planted 9 in this tray.

Two Camellia seeds have sprouted, the one on the right just this week.
The joy of growing is why I garden. Many of my plants have a history, either from this place or from another garden as a cutting or a seedling. 
I spent this morning pruning more boxwoods and grooming 'Reine des Violettes' rose, not to mention combating cat brier. There is much work here. I may call in the bull dozer before warm weather.
'Reine des Violettes' had some dead canes, and some long canes that needed pulling over and tying to stakes to encourage buds to break along the length.  I do love roses with a spicy fragrance.

Reine des Violettes, November, 2009.



  1. I do admire your camellias! I love to see what seedlings of anything become. I have had some lovely daylilies from seeds and will be trying some rose of sharon this spring.

  2. Seedlings? How exciting!!

    Only a true gardener would try to root broken branches. Most other folks don't understand, and they would throw them away.

  3. I am impressed and also encouraged to see the blooms on your seedlings. How exciting. I will be on the lookout for some seeds-- one day.


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