Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Language of Gardeners

One of my fav diversions is reading blogs of gardeners in other countries. Flowers need no translation. Fortunately for my need to know what the gardener is also thinking, there is Google Translate.

One of my fav greenhouse blog writers is Claus Dalby, A photographer of many gardens and greenhouses around the world, he is a publisher of books.
The content of Mr. Dalby's blog is wonderful to just look at the pictures. Even better is to hear him in his own words, translated from the Danish:

"After our home has been in 'Do you know the type', there are probably some who think: "Well, he has since not room for more." But they are wrong. It's always room for one more ...

"And skeptics should just remember that I am now in the process of arranging the new greenhouse, which will also be ydstyret with many glass shelves and also a few glass cabinets vases, jugs and similar."

Have you any idea how that speaks to me? While my little trinkets are not nearly so grand, I do love a glass piece here and there and lots of ceramics even if they are just inexpensive flower pots.


  1. Nell ~ Thanks for that link. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his blog and signed up to be a follower.

    Have a lovely week puttering there with your sweet greenhouse and your wonderful country gardens.


  2. Hahaha, you are not alone NellJean! I also read blogs like that, and try the one which is from one of the dialects in Poland. I normally just look at the photos and not read anything anymore. It is funny reading the translation, but most of the time it is irritating. Other blogs trying to write English but inject a lot of their dialects, or remove most of the prepositions with wrong grammar are also very difficult.

  3. Shame on I will have to spend more time on the computer.....I do hate that.

    You have broadened my horizons; I need that now and then.

    thank you.


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