Saturday, January 26, 2013

White Camellias

The first camellia plants were brought to America in the late eighteenth century from Asia. Over the last 200 years, they have proven to be dependable additions to the Southern landscape, growing and blooming with minimal care during mild winter weather.

Hard freezes ruin open blooms; tight buds open when warm weather returns. Bloom ends usually toward the end of March, a few persist into April until hot weather blasts the buds. 

This is the only white Camellia species in my garden.
I do have a second plant, a sucker from the root of the original plant.
Its flowers look the same as these.


  1. Super jealous of this beauty, love the white bloom.

  2. I have seen and smelt, such a lovely scent, a beautiful rose look-alike. I cannot grow camelias in my garden but I can have a peep at yours!

  3. Camellias are so gorgeous, but being a northerner, I've never seen one in person. Maybe some day.


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