Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter's Seeds for Autumn Wildflowers

Meadow, prairie, savanna -- we just call it a pasture. The north end of the farm is where the better wildflowers grow and the Butterfly Wood arises.

 I went ahead of He-who-mows to mark with red ribbons five little Native Persimmon trees to leave
 along the fence. Here you can see the fate of a Privet that was not marked. He also left a Pine.

Cutting brush prior to harrowing a fire break along the fence
I gathered seeds of my favorite fall wildflowers to scatter where few or none are growing.

Silk Grass, Pityopsis graminifolia

Agalinis purpurea, purple False Foxglove

Elephantopus tomentosus, Elephant's foot
I left seeds on every stalk to self-sow. Last fall we had an abundance of the plants above.

Rabbit Tobacco was scarce. When I spied a clump underneath this Live Oak, I quickly gathered the whole thing.

Rabbit Tobacco, Gnaphalium obtusifolium or Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium
This plant has an aromatic scent.
I scattered the Ganpahlium seed heads along the south side of several trees in the area similar to where I found this one, in hopes we'll have more next year.
Here are links to the wildflowers in bloom
Gelsemium sempervirensm Yellow Jessamine
On the way back to the house, I thought to watch for yellow blooms on the
ground along the field road signaling Yellow Jessamine high in the trees.
Imagine my surprise to find this one sprawled over a low bush!
I think it's early, maybe not. We've had uncommonly warm days.
Storms are predicted for Wednesday.


  1. Your garden is so very very vast in land mass, I am glad you do have someone, a dear darling who helps you with the mowing!

  2. Rabbit tobacco is another plant we share. I finally found a few plants growing in various flowers beds and hope the self-sow for me. I love the scent. We called it 'life everlasting' and dare I say smoked it as kids at grandma's farm.

  3. We have some Elephant's Foot growing down by the lake. It is a lovely bloom.
    We have a 'meadow' in our septic field. I have been scattering wildflower seeds after bushhogging in the late fall.
    by the way-- I used a black apron to put behind my Amaryllis for a great photo. Great idea.


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