Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Azaleas after Rain

It's hard to choose a favorite but I've liked Pink Pearl Azaleas for many, many years. Note the small clump near the ground on the left, layered itself into a new plant. Pink Pearl is a clear pink Kurume azalea, in the family with popular Coral Bells (salmon pink), 'Hinodegiri (vivid red) ,and   Snow (white), none of which I've grown but long admired.

The darker pink azaleas are  Pink Ruffles, Rutherford Hybrids hardy to zone 8.

This is the other side of that long row of azaleas. Toward the far end is one Formosa Azalea, a Southern Indian hybrid which is the most popular azalea group in Georgia's Coastal Plain area. It differs from Pink Ruffles in that the blooms are larger and single rather than semi-double. At the far end are two small Formosas that were air-layered from the big plant.

Pink Ruffles and Pink Pearl Azaleas on the north side of the Upper Garden under leafless oaks have have not opened yet. That extends the bloom season.

Here's what a freeze followed by rain does to Camellias:

Fallen petals form a carpet all the way around.
Ample buds are left for bloom until hot days.
White hyacinths and a faux bunny.



  1. I always love seeing your azaleas, and the camellias are lovely too as are the white hyacinths. Your gardens always inspire me to work more in mine.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Your Azaleas are just beautiful and your Camellia still looks great even though it lost some flowers. Love that little bunny.

  3. Looks to be a cold weekend pretty far South. Am amazed that you have azaleas blooming already. Spring is indeed here.

  4. The walk bordered by your azaleas is a beautiful sight. I would love to be able to sit on the bench and soak it all in.

  5. Your area is just beautiful and wide, and i love to sit in that vacant chair and have coffee or a book. You cannot do that here in the open as it is hot outside. But most of all i love those white hyacinths, i know you have all the colors, but this white looks really elegant. If only they can grow in our climate!

  6. I think the fallen petals around the camellia look beautiful.

    This is a special time of year to see your the scattering of various bulbs with the flowering trees and shrubs.


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