Monday, February 11, 2013

Azaleas in the Upper Garden

We are nearing the big Azalea show.

A little path through the Azaleas to the Upper Garden. It cuts at a
slight angle so it isn't noticeable from the center of the garden on either side.

Formosa Azaleas in the foreground have grown here for more than 50 years. These pictured were rooted cuttings twenty years ago, as were the Pink Ruffles just starting to bloom at left. Notice how much darker the foliage of Forosa is than the light foliage of Pink Ruffles, just one consideration when choosing Azaleas.

Another view of Formosa. Behind is a small glimpse of Poukahense

starting to bloom, a deciduous Azalea with Lavender blooms


I can hardly wait for the whole show, as blooms open and color intensifies. Usually Dogwoods bloom simultaneously with Azaleas. Dogwoods still have tight buds. The small trunks of understory trees are dogwoods under tall pines, some that I planted seeds, some bird-planted. Both Dogwoods and Azaleas enjoy high shade in this climate.

Looking to the opposite direction from the Azalea line. Paths are mown grass in summer. Plans are to cut the long beds in half with mown cross paths. There are more smaller azaleas under the oak trees at upper left, not yet open because they get north wind directly off the field.

I can hardly wait. Perhaps I should go back to a 2010 album where all the azaleas are in bloom.
I do go back and look at previous years on my own blogs.

We had 2.5 inches of rain since early this morning, grateful for every drop.



  1. I love paths...they are so mysterious aren't they......? Your azaleas look fabulous

  2. You have a big area NellJean. When you said "nearing a big azalea show" i remember the Rhododendron Festival in Blue Mountains in Australia. It was my first foreign country travel and my first sight for azaleas, and i was dumbfounded with awe! That was an amazing sight in a natural habitat, the scene always return when i read the word azalea! I am sure yours will be great as well.

  3. I love your place Nell and it's always a treat seeing your lovely gardens starting to bloom every spring. I look forward to seeing more as things continue to open and share their beauty.

    Have a lovely Valentine's day ~ FlowerLady

  4. This is just beautiful!! I can't wait to see it in all its glory! I love your paths too and that white settee!

  5. My mum recently bought an azalea and I was frowning as I was not confident that this plant would able to survive the tropical climate.
    After looking at your - My fear of the plant survival increased.
    Guess they are temperate plants.
    Regardless - your collection is really something to admire.
    Truly beautiful!!

  6. Heavenly. You're so lucky to be in that climate :)


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