Thursday, February 28, 2013

Come for Tea in the Greenhouse

Tea and cookies in the Winter Sunshine.

I finally got everything moved around where there's room for the vintage
table and chairs that MIL bought fifty years ago. I sat and drank peach
tea and enjoyed the sun shining in, warm on my legs.
Time to bring out the tulip mugs, Spring on the way.
Animal crackers, our teatime is not fancy.

 Alison suggested hanging something on the back of the potting bench that I can see walking into the greenhouse. I tried a grapevine wreath.


What do you think, do I need something more colorful to hang on the back of the potting bench? A sign? A plant on the shelf that hangs over? I have spider plants.  Pennant flags? Something I haven't thought of? Plant the grapevine wreath with epiphytes in the manner of Rainforest Balls? That's rhapsalis that needs purpose hanging off in the tiny black pot. I have Christmas Cactus cuttings.

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  1. Hi NellJean...I just love this space. The table and chairs are just my style. My idea for the back of the potting bench would be to put up some beadboard so it's almost a wall. Then you could hang pictures, plates, cute things that you would like in the space. Please post another picture of what you end up with!!

  2. How delightful to have tea in your sweet greenhouse.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Animal Crackers are the best anytime.

  4. Everything in your Greenhouse is looking wonderful, including the animal crackers. LOL! Have a lovely weekend.

  5. I'd like to see something a bit more colorful and showy on the back of the potting bench - but that's just me. LOVE the table and chairs and tea!

  6. I enjoyed coming to tea in your greenhouse however virtually. You have made a magical place to enjoy in winter.

  7. Oh to have a greenhouse like yours.
    I'll be over right away for tea.
    Nice post

  8. I'm dreaming of a new, bigger greenhouse, where I could have a nice cup of tea as well. Yours is lovely!

  9. It looks very homey! Could you dry flowers on the wreath in there, or is it too humid? It might be fun to poke some blooms in there for color.


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