Friday, February 15, 2013

February Gold for Bloom Day 2013

When Spring arrives in full glory, it is all pinks and blues and yellows and whites. February can show displays of gold.

Live Oak leaves against the dark pink of Loropetalum

Live Oak Trees are shedding old leaves. Unlike deciduous oaks that shed their leaves in fall, Live Oaks lose their leaves as new leaves grow in late winter. Old leaves here are gold colored as they are pushed off by new growth.

Tetè a Tetè among Live Oak leaves of gold.

A closer look



Julia Child floribunda rose blooming ahead of season,
happy in emerging sunshine with a raindrop still on her petal.
I think the early blossom is the result of protection from the
Golden Euonymous on the north side of the rose.

Camellia seedling with golden stamens, one of
six seedlings in the garden. All but one have
bloomed. That one has fat buds.
New seedlings have sprouted in the greenhouse.


View out my carport door: More golden stamens on Camellias.


Blooms in the greenhouse are on Dotty Plants Journal blog.
Blooms of Hyacinths, Persian Shield, Begonias, Kalanchoe, Pineapple Sage and Persian Shield are there.
Carol is hosting Bloom Day on May Dreams Gardens blog.






  1. More beauty happening there in your peaceful gardens. Hope you don't have a bad freeze this weekend.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. I understand the daffodils, but I never expected to see roses and camellias. Wonderful!

  3. Oh you are so lucky to have so much blooming! The Julia Child rose is stunning and those Camellias are just beautiful! Love your daffys too!

  4. Beautiful blooms!
    You did a great job capturing the rose!
    Happy Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. O.K., I'm impressed with Julia coming to the party so early - but that view out your carport door is stunning!! What a beauty!

  6. Your Julia is stunning. I just love those Tete a Tetes popping up in amongst the carpet of gold leaves. That's a lovely sight.

  7. Amazing colour to that camelia, must give you a boost every time you go to the car. I think tete-a-tete is my favourite daffodil, so well behaved.

  8. That's a really pretty camellia. Your live oak leaves remind me of a story I heard once. A teacher who had recently moved to central Texas from up north was teaching her class about the seasons. When she asked the class what season the leaves drop, her class told her spring. She couldn't figure out why they kept insisting on that until she experienced her first spring there and saw the live oak leaves dropping!

  9. I visited both this and your Wordpress site. Nice to see daffodils blooming. More than a month before ours will. And, I got another camillia fix. They just don't grow here in upstate NY. GBBD helps me get through winter - hope you had a good one.

  10. That's a nice camellia growth and the color is so attractive. The looks of your ground don't look like they just had been from winter!

  11. I didn't know that about the live oaks. The leaves go nicely with the golden daff.

    My daffs are up about 5 lonely bloom. We have been 5° warmer this winter so may have an early bloom on things.

    I do admire that you know the names of the daffodils. I would have to mark mine in some infallible way or I would never remember!

  12. It's that time of year when I get to enjoy the early arrival of spring in the south, while awaiting it's arrival here in the north. Hurry spring!

  13. My daffodils are just coming, love the oak tree on the top pic


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