Sunday, February 3, 2013

Forced Hyacinths, Story's End

I had enough open Hyacinth flowers to give all my Church ladies one in a little pot tonight.

Wrapped in brown paper and boxed in two boxes, off we went.

The fragrance in the car was wonderful.

Do you see the butterfly? American Painted Lady.

The pinks were not quite ready.
Not all were ready to go out into the world, so I still have a pot or two.
It was a thrill yesterday when American Painted Ladies
butterflies came in to nectar on the Hyacinths.
Naturally they wanted instructions for planting them out in the garden once the blossoms fade.
One dear lady, kind of new to our flock, was disbelieving that she was receiving a flower and it wasn't even an occasion.
The joy of flowers for me is in the growing. I love getting a box of dry bulbs in the mail. They spend several weeks in a dedicated refrigerator, then potting them up in good soil is a thrill.
I anxiously awaited the first green tips that show they're really going to grow. By the time they're all in bloom there's nothing left to do but share them while they're at their peak.
It works better for me to grow them in soil than to force in water. They're much easier to bring to bloom again outside when grown in soil. Nobody seems to want to just toss the bulb when the bloom fades. I think the blooms are larger when grown in soil. I did not put one of these in water to compare, just potted them all. Maybe they were better bulbs. I used a different vendor this year.  
Last year's Hyacinths




  1. Wonderful blooms and how sweet of your to give them away.


  2. Hi NellJean, you are not only a seedscatterer, but bulb scatterer as well. Ladies in your area are so privileged to be receiving such beautiful flowers. Yes i am sure those planted in soil will be better than those in water, as there are always nutrients present in the soil.

  3. I have the same purple hyacinths blooming in my kitchen, but I sure didn't pot them up myself, I just buy them that way at the grocery store. My husband tells me they "stink", which is his word for anything highly fragranced. Men!


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