Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Water in the Pond; Overflowing

 We haven't seen this much water in the pond for several years.

The pond is at far right -- all the rest is overflow. This is the first time in years we've seen this much water. First time in a long time we've had 9 inches of rain in four days.

Above is a lime sink. The tops of the bunch of weeds in the center of the water is are 5 feet across. They are groing out of a hole about 4 feet deep. The water table is really high, filling the hole and overflowing. Usually water that collects like this soon drains away. The rain just ended this morning.
Lime sinks are formed when limestone formations in the aquifer dissolve with a resulting collapse of the earth over the dissolved limestone. There used to be a larger limesink in the field on the other side of the facing woods. It was was filled in a few years ago. It is not uncommon in this part of the country for a lime sink to suddenly form, sometimes with disastrous results if a street caves in or some other mishap occurs.

The Flint River is supposed to crest in town by Friday, at flood stage. The last flood was in 2005, I think. We are a ways from the River and on high ground. Spring Creek is not far away but again, we are on higher ground.


  1. It would sure be nice if the water stayed in your pond. I just love natural ponds. We have sink holes here too. Hopefully, not on our property!!

  2. Glad you are on higher ground. Water does such damage.


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