Thursday, February 21, 2013

Signs of Coming Spring: Fire and Spring Bulbs

He-who-mows and Farmer Danny burned fields today where corn grew last year.
Controlled burns are frequent in this part of the country.


Ice Follies
Daffodils blooming in the midst of Lantanas among large stones.
New Lantana growth will hide the dying foliage of bulbs.
This is an established planting. Newly planted bulbs nearby are just
coming up while other established bulbs have foliage, no blooms.
Mixed Pink Hyacinths from previous years.
We are about to enjoy respite from recent freezing nights.

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  1. They burn fields here too. Your daffys and hyacinths are beautiful. I especially like Juanita!

  2. Hi NellJean, the dead leaves and branches look so thick. How long will they be decomposed?

  3. Burning fields isn't very common here unless you are working with one of the government conservation agencies. I think they do it to get a stand of native grasses going.

    The bulbs are very few are now covered in won't hurt them; they will bounce back after the thaw.

  4. Andrea, it is more of a framework of Lantana branches with space underneath. When I give them a quick trim, everything will fall down and quicky become mulch. In our climate rot is rapid.

    Burning here is common among farms, done by permit.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I can hardly wait for my own new bulbs to come up, but I have a couple of months yet.

  6. Oh, I am so green with envy that you have spring bulbs blooming! I'm in desperate need of a change of scene from these cold, winter days.

  7. I have daffodils growing in my lantana beds as well. I just cut the remains of last year's lantana back last weekend.

  8. Great to see some blooms! I'm so ready for spring!

  9. You must be close to where we are in Georgia. All the same things are blooming. That gets me thinking spring has arrived everywhere and anxious to head for Washington state. Then I hear they got fresh snow last night. :( Great pictures!

  10. I so need to burn stuff...I have piles of tree limbs that need to either be turned into mulch but it's so much easier just to burn it...

  11. Think I have to get a name in Spanish, it could go in my family bed.
    When do you prune back your old Lantana foliage? I wait until I see new growth emerging.

  12. I'm not sure if farmers here do much burning, but we used to help a friend burn his meadow. They'd have a bunch of us, and then cook over a campfire and play volleyball and hike. It was great fun. I couldn't do that anymore, because my lungs can't handle smoke. I wish I would have been into planting natives back then. I may have been able to get some starts or seeds.

  13. I forgot to say, "Yippee" for the flowers!


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