Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Sun is Out and There's Water in the Pond!

I went to see if 4.5 inches of rain the past two days filled the Mayhaw Pond in the North Pasture.
Dry for years because of drought, it has water once again. Grasses and weeds grew up in the dry pond. They'll rot away if the water lasts.

 Mayhaws are blooming! The earliest blooms were likely killed by freezes, but some trees held back their buds.

Post Oak tree full of Spanish Moss has little to do with recent rains,
except that Spanish Moss absorbs moisture and nutrients in the air.
Tillandsia usneoides is an epiphyte, growing on other plants but not parasitic.
We expect more rain tonight and tomorrow.


  1. Nice to see your pond filling back up. Have a great week Nell ~ FlowerLady

  2. I'm glad to hear you are getting rain, and it's very encouraging that the pond has water again.

    Spring is on its way, and I hope I can be patient until it finds its way here.

  3. I saw some tree/shrubs blooming today on our way home from the Opera House in Newberry. It had to be Mayhaw, though it would be really early. They look just like your photos.
    We have some stock ponds in our area that are finally keeping the water levels up. Hooray for rain.

  4. The tree with the spanish moss is awesome! I'm glad your pond finally has some water in it.

  5. Well, you are certainly a few weeks ahead of us. I noticed you grow quite a few daylilies. They are my passion I'm afraid, I have a small daylily farm in Canada.


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