Monday, March 18, 2013

A Long View and Flowers Close Up

This morning I went out to make photos of the outer perimeter determine where to best place junipers for a wind break. I turned to face the south and make a picture of the 40 year old junipers south and east of the house.

I noticed the propane tank, hidden from the house and the road by Camellias and other evergreens, but in plain sight from this view. I set a chair and my jacket to see if one well-placed tree or shrub would effectively 'hide' it from this long view. Another crape myrtle and some very small evergreens or just one Loropetalum where the chair sits would work. The small tree this side of the tool shed is a Crape Myrtle, the dark shrubs/trees are Loropetalums.

The 'easy' fix would be a trellis or something around the tank but that leads to more trimming and difficulty with the mower getting into tight spaces. Anything planted up close will soon hang over the driveway. All my plans have to take into account that farm equipment has to move in and out through some of these broad spaces. Nothing is planted around the equipment barn. It stands alone.

Now, who will dig the holes?

Native wildflower but a thug. It provides some really nice color early on.
When it gets tall and weedy and other plants are coming into bloom, I cut it
to the ground. Spiderwort, Tradescantia virginiana. Notice its companions
are  wild geranium and chickweed. Hot sun will take them out soon if
I don't get to it. Pulling as many weeds as I can, I leave Henbit because I
see butterflies nectaring on every little bloom of Lamium amplexicaule.

Native to California, a lovely Poppy for a Georgia garden.
Eschscholzia californica with its gold cups are a favorite of mine.
They seed about everywhere. Some years I collect seed before the
long slender pods 'pop' so I can better place them. These poppies
last well into the summer, unlike the others.

 Little vignettes of ginger jars and Daffodils. I bring out these jars some
years when daffodil blooms are sparse, to draw the eye. They will
disappear after Easter when Poppies and Larkspurs start to bloom and
trees and shrubs leaf out.
Gulf Muhly on the right and a newly divided clump on the left.


  1. What a great long view. Love your daffs with the yellow ginger jar.

    Happy spring ~ FlowerLady

  2. I have too many machine sheds here that have to be kept plant free! I think there are 4 in the main yard!
    Tractors come first.

    Beautiful ginger jar.

    BTW, I am happy to see I can visit again. I was blocked for a couple of days.

  3. I love the CA Poppies! Now Henbit, that's another always comes up all over and I spend a lot of time pulling it out. I really dislike it!!

  4. I love the yellows of your ginger jar and daffodils. Haven't you trained Buffy to dig those holes for you? :-) -Jean


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