Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bounty of the Land

I hope your Easter was glorious. I have a cold, but made it to Church.

I give thanks that Spring is here and signs of what will be a bounteous harvest are evident.

Pear trees are blooming.

Rabbit-eye blueberries have tiny berries and still have blooms as well.

Up close with the various stages of blooms and fruit and new leaves. 

 This bee puts himself totally into his work.

I was afraid the earliest blooms would be killed by frost.
We'll have a long blueberry season with the earliest to the latest.

The grapevine at the end is putting out new leaves.
I didn't give it a severe pruning in January, just neatened it up.
Tiny peaches the size of a pea are on the trees, which have leafed out.
Figs have tiny nubs where fruit will grow, and half-sized leaves.
Pecans, the last trees to put on leaves in the spring are doing so. We will soon be yellow with pollen.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a good season is ahead.

    We aren't out of the woods here yet. It is 40° today and will be freezing overnight.

    I tried blueberries and lost them all. I think they require too much pampering for this neglectful gardener.


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