Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Views March

Invariably, I forget about first views.  This month is the beginning of what will soon be Spring. Bright greens of Boxwood contrast with reds and pinks of Camellias and Azaleas here.

Freezes and rain are cruel to Camellia blooms.

Fallen petals from disagreeble weather form a carpet under Camellias.
I am thinking of limbing up the big Camellis into small trees, better proportion.

Azaleas are opening despite cold nights. They have not yet reached the peak of bloom.

Unusual, that Azaleas are opening early while Dogwood buds remain tightly closed. Maybe they're waiting until this little cold spell with freezes at night and chill winds are over.

 This is the front side of the line of Azaleas shown in the two pics just above.

Hyacinths are past their prime, Daffodils are just starting despite a few early blooms.  I looked back at 2012. Daffodils are behind; Azaleas are ahead of last year's bloom. Every year is different.

First Views is a meme of Town Mouse and Country Mouse Anyway the linky isn't up yet. Later.


  1. That line of Azaleas is just lovely, and despite the cruel weather your Camellias are beautiful dressed in blooms.

  2. I love this time of year when everything in the garden is just starting to awaken, How surprising to see Azaleas blooming so well at this time of year.

  3. I love this time of year when everything in the garden is just starting to awaken, How surprising to see Azaleas blooming so well at this time of year.

  4. So beautiful and on of the joys of having acidic soils. Such a struggle to have those plants in our gardens even though some try.

  5. Dispite the freezes and rain your shrubs are still beautiful. My Camellia's buds are getting so close to opening. However, I don't have any buds on my Azaleas which are on either side of the Camellia. Usually they bloom together. Not sure what's going on!

  6. Azaleas are blooming here ahead of schedule according to previous years, but only by a week or two. They've not reached the full height of bloom and some in less protected areas are just starting to open.

    Christy, if your Camellias are not in full bloom, the Azaleas can catch up. You are in zone 6a or 6b? We are in zone 8b, much different bloom times. What kind of Azaleas do you have? You didn't prune them, did you? If your Azaleas are NOT evergreen (native Azaleas) and you don't see tight buds now you likely won't have blooms, for any one of a number of reasons.

  7. Oh my goodness it's so good to see Azaleas, and Camelias again.

    Thought this move would mean I would never see them again...but blogland has come through again.


  8. I am in awe of your camellias and azaleas. I agree that this year has been odd. I've always thought the plants know best about bloom time - and I've always wondered how. But obviously the azaleas and the daffodils aren't talking to each other! :)

  9. Daffodils have begun to bloom here but not azaleas. Dogwoods seem far behind them, but I expect we'll begin to see new buds and blooms almost daily in just a few weeks.

  10. I dearly love watching spring arrive in the south and west, while I'm still waiting desperately for it to arrive here!

  11. I love the mature Camellias and azaleas in your garden. It is nice that the two overlap in bloom time. Some of my tiny azaleas have some plumb buds --ready to open in a month or so. (provided the deer don't come back again!)


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