Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spiraeas Make my Head Bizzy

When I try to remember which Spiraea is which, I get dizzy. I am going to give you a close-up look at my white spireas  Spiraea prunifolia and S. thunbergia.

 S. prunifolia 'Plena' distinguished by the little round button-like clusters of what looks like tiny roses.

Old house places frequently have Formosa azaleas and spirea
alternating, now grown into great wads of pink and white.

This is usually called called 'Bridal Wreath' spirea. I've know brides who planned their wedding around the bloom of Spiraea.


Spiraea thunbergii, commonly called 'Baby's Breath' spirea. This plant is
smaller, twiggy, with blue-green leaves as compared to Bridal Wreath spirea.
I no longer grow the clustered single flowers form S. Vanhouttei, also a Southern classic.

Why do I spell spirea as Spiraea sometimes? Spiraea is the latin name, spirea is the household name. Spiraea is of the Rosacea family, remember the flowers of S. prunifolia looked like little roses?

In the summer we'll take a look at S. bumalda, spirea with pink flowers.


  1. I'd love to grow that here, don't know if it would or not though. Very pretty and I can see why brides would love them.

    Have a wonderful Easter week ~ FlowerLady

  2. I have quite a few different Spiraeas, but I really like the white one in your pictures. It does look like a little rose.

  3. "S. prunifolia 'Plena' distinguished by the little round button-like clusters of what looks like tiny roses."

    It is indeed.

  4. I have three 'Plenas' due to division. I love them. I don't have the old fashioned Bridal Wreath and need to get one. Did you know green flies will absolutely cover them when they are in bloom? At least they do here.

  5. I also love spirea. I have a dwarf variety in my garden called Little Princess or something similar. It was all I had room for but I just had to stick one somewhere! :o) My garden wasn't complete without a spirea.


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