Friday, March 15, 2013

The Colors of March Bloom Day part 2

There are so many blooms to see this time of year I divided my posts between two days. This is the Bloom Day post. Yesterday was a preview and a goodbye to Camellias which are on the decline.

I worked on this Wisteria all winter, taking out vines and reducing
the size of the boxwoods from which it grows.
Blooms have not yet covered all the vines but the initial blossoms already
perfume the air as the day warms.
The view from the Wisteria toward the long Azalea walk.
White azaleas have already declined and the palest pink is also going away yet the Dogwood in
the center still has tight buds.
The north side of the Azalea walk is at the height of bloom, mostly dark 'Pink Ruffles.'
Boxwoods sport the Spring Green of new growth. We're waiting for Dogwoods.
The budding leaf growth of  Hydrangea quercifolia at left hides tiny buds in the base.
Many daffodils here have already bloomed.
These were newly planted last fall; blooming late.
Native Azalea, clashing beautifully with the pink behind it.
I could only guess the cultivar. It was mislabeled, definitely not
the 'Alabamense' on the label.
In the greenhouse, Amaryllis celebrate spring with Kalanchoes.
See Dotty Plants blog.
Happy Bloom Day.

Join Carol and friends at   May Dreams Gardens

for everybody's Bloom Day offering to see how Spring is arriving all over the world.
Well, maybe not in Australia and New Zealand, but they have fall Blooms.

My Amaryllis blooms are here:  Dotty Plants Greenhouse.


  1. Your azalea walk is stunning. I would have to sit down on that bench and drink in their beauty. happy Bloom day.

  2. Your azalea walk is breathtaking! I thought the camellias in part 1 were beautiful, but the azaleas are definitely outshining them now. I could sit on the bench with Lancashire Rose and admire them for hours, too. Happy Bloom Day!

  3. This may be my favorite time in your garden. I love all the blooming shrubs. Just gorgeous!

  4. Nell....I love it. I was walking in my garden a couple of days ago and decided to put azaleas and camellias on the non creeks side of the property for the want of the look you are now displaying...It is breathtaking

  5. Beautiful blooms!
    Wonderful Wisteria! Mine is still dormant.
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. Love that Azalea walk! That long swath of dark pink is just beautiful! Nice shot through the Wisteria.

  7. So many beautiful blooms... I'm so envious. I found my first! Just in time for GBBD.

  8. Love your beautiful Wisteria and Azalea blooms! We are just starting to get buds here so it is nice to see all youc oolor! Happy GBBD!

  9. Hi Nell....everything looks so beautiful. I especially like that native azalea. I need to look into getting one of those for my garden.

  10. The long path with the bench and azaleas is even more stunning than the wisterias starting up. The latter we get soon, but most of ours' are single "trees", not climbing anything...still looking forward to them.

  11. Wow, I am glad to see wisteria again in blogs. I've seen it only 2x in person, Turkey and Sweden, and i might not see them again ever. They say it is invasive here. But I really envy your amaryllis, if only you are nearer i will exchange/barter mine, Hippeastrum puniceum, hehe!

  12. Like everyone else who commented, I adore that native azalea! Stunning! What is the variety?

  13. The native Azalea was mislabeled, so I do not know the variety. It definitely was not 'Alabamense' which was on the label. I'll post 'Alabamense' as soon as the blooms open wider.


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