Monday, March 11, 2013

The Monkey's New Fur

The Garden Monkey, from Janie Varley, has been hanging in my garden for nine years.
I was working with 'White Dawn' rose which is supported by the
Monkey's tree.

Birds had removed not only Monkey's fur, but much of his stuffing.
I took him to the greenhouse and gave him a new coat of
Sphagnum moss. He was a mess. I made a mess.

I looked back at the instructions for making a monkey. I never posted Janie's last page of instructions, so i don't know how to make him look 'polished.'  I like him the way he is, all furry. I hope the birds don't take all the moss off him, building nests.
Here's how to build a monkey, up to this point. Make a Garden Monkey


  1. He is cute. I had one that had a staghorn fern attached to it that someone gave me and the monkey fell apart, but I still have the fern.

    If I'm not mistaken, Happy Birthday dear Nell.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Love this monkey. I didn't know such a natural structure can last 9 years!

  3. Thanks, Rainey, it isn't my birthday, but let's celebrate anyway. Thanks for coming by, LTB. AB, the monkey is on a heavy wire armature. I don't know the moss lasted so many years, but he was in pretty sad shape, stuffing-wise. The link shows how to make an armature of pvc pipe, and cover it with moss the same way.

  4. How cute is this monkey!!! I've never seen anything like this!! Poor little guy...the birds taking his fur and his stuffing falling out. I'm glad you were able to fix him. I hope he lasts nine more years!

  5. This is so cute! Your grandkids must love the monkey. :o) I like him all fuzzy.

  6. Neat project. Know what you mean about the birds. Little monkeys!

  7. That is amusing to put a monkey like that, but i am more amused with the birds getting parts of it to build their nests. Making it last for 9 years is quite amazing, here to last for two years is already good. It decays here very fast, even if the birds will not get some share.

  8. Never seen a garden monkey before! I like him.

    I am having trouble now and then responding here, but be assured I am reading daily.

  9. I thought I got a notification from Blotanical that it was your bday. Like you said let's celebrate anyway.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  10. Well, if I was a crow, I would most definitely be scared of that monkey.


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