Saturday, March 9, 2013

Which Was more Exciting to See, the Snake or the Zebra?

This afternoon I divided a clump of Gulf Muhly Grass and replanted the pieces. As I was scratching in the mulch and weeds to find the perfect spot, I heard a rustle. A small rat snake partially appeared. I watched as his middle gave way to his end and he disappeared into cover.

Notice the clump of new-this-year daffodils with emerging
poppies and larkspur near the stones.

I moved my spot for the last clump of Muhly grass since he seemed to be marking his territory.

As Buffy and I came around into the upper driveway, a Zebra Swallowtail was nectaring on Lantana. I was much more excited about seeing a Zebra this early but she flew away before I stop the little truck and get my camera. I forgot I had a camera in my pocket when I saw the Rat Snake.

I did get pictures of a Tiger and a Spicebush swallowtail. There were a pair of Spicebush. These are George Tabor Azaleas. They show frost damage to the blooms that opened before the last freeze. It's a strange season, Dogwood buds are still tightly closed. Redbuds are not even thinking about blooms.

Today was a productive day. I found a seedpod on my Mandevilla Vine. It had opened but seeds still clung to the open pod.

From what I read, now is the time to gather and plant the seeds.
I discovered the seeds when I discovered that my Climbing Peace rose was dead and Dr. Huey was growing from the rootstock. I might let Dr. Huey continue in front of the grape arbor but his sprouts have to be scraped off Gene Boerner or the whole thing shovel-pruned. 


  1. Great post! Love that photo of the tiger swallowtail.

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  2. I just love productive days in the garden. Interesting to see two critters in one day. I think I would have enjoyed the butterfly more too! (I just completed making a butterfly totem and can't wait to put it out for them to get a drink....when they show up!)

  3. Wish our snakes would emerge...and eat whatever is eating my roots/plants. I welcome the snakes. A butterfly is nice to see too.

  4. I am always startled a bit, but then happy when I see a snake. Ours are garters. I hope your mandevilla seeds grow.


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