Saturday, March 30, 2013

Will the Easter Bunny bring Bright Colors?

I went out a day early to see what is in bloom for Easter. 
Butterflies are visiting the blooms left on Azaleas that bloomed early this year and were cold-nipped.
I didn't notice the Shrimp Plant at left before, It will attract hummingbirds who may come by.
This bunny holds a pot of Sedum acre and sits in a bed thick with  Chickweed and Florida Betony, both undesirable. Chickweed dies back quickly. I pull all the Florida Betony I can before it dies back in the heat because it leaves those awful white roots to come again next year. Hyacinth foliage is ripening and the roses in front of bunny have buds, no flowers yet.
This spricot color Amaryllis may not open in time for Easter.
Its first bud was killed by frost when I failed to cover it.
The Greenhouse Hippeastrums are gone. There are other buds about the garden but this one is nearest bloom. Brent and Becky call Amaryllis "Tulips for the South." Spectacularly beautiful but costlier than tulips, I guess if your Hippeastrums come back year after year and tulips act as annuals, the cost evens out after a while.
I planted a bag of 50 Daffodils in the fall. Daffodils already here were shy
to bloom except for those in microclimates that bloomed early.
These were good bulbs, double nosed, so I counted more than 50 blossoms
here and in another bed not seen here.
I like my daffodil groups to 'see' one another.
I plant my daffodils differently than recommended patterns. I plant a small
bed of maybe 25, usually on the end of an established border.
Then I put another 5 or 10 not far away to draw the eye. 
Spiderwort can be counted on for early bloom. When they get tattered, I
cut them to the ground.
The cold spared a few Camellias that were under foliage.
Warm weather will take out the late bloomers.
From a distance, California Poppies might pass for tulips to the
untrained eye. Here they are 'looking' at another Daffodil bed.
Gerbera seedling that was supposed to be white. Well, it was seed from a
white Gerbera. You know the story of Mendel and the peas. The Sweet
Williams behind it were seed from a white Dianthus. I take my chances.
Wisteria is even prettier when it starts to leaf out.


  1. Good morning and Happy Easter! I love all your pictures especially the CA Poppies and the Gerbera Daisy. Your bunny is so cute sitting there in your garden. Did he bring any Easter eggs?

  2. That low stone "wall" with daffodils is particularly eye catching. I also love your comments about the daffodils "seeing" each other!


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