Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Hippeastrum with no Name

It bloomed in a pot Christmas before last. I think it was mislabled; it didn't look like its label photo.

Not fully open; I can never wait.
See the blue pot behind? There are five pots of Epiphyllum oxypetalum back there on a makeshift bench with an improvised trellis to hold the heavy plants. I am eager to see buds. You may know them as Night Blooming Cereus.  
Scarlet Orange, up Close
I am tickled to have one plant blooming. It is common in this area to see huge beds of Amaryllis blooming now, usually the old-fashioned red but sometimes white and  shades of orange or pink.
The one blooming is planted in the ground. I decided to put all the
potted Amaryllis here, too. The big pots hold bulbs that bloomed indoors this past season. The small pots are seedlings and offsets. In August I'll put all the potted bulbs that are blooming size in a dry place to try to encourage bloom indoors during the winter.
The white shrub in bloom is Philadelphus.
There's another Amaryllis in the Greenhouse with a bud. The color will be a surprise.


  1. I have never heard of philadelphus. I am still collecting plants in hopes of creating a small white garden with something blooming in all seasons. What can you tell about it?

  2. So pretty! I tried growing amaryllis once, but was not successful. But what a big, gorgeous bloom! Maybe I should try again!

  3. I left a message on your blog, David re; Philadelphus, commonly called Mock Orange or in the south, Flowering Dogwood.

    Holley, try again. Plant in potting soil, not in the coir stuff they sell with the bulbs and definitely not in water like a paperwhite.

  4. I was wondering about the white flowering shrub....I have two but neither are fragrant. I want one of the very fragrant ones.

    The amaryllis ,no matter the name, is beautiful.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! It is so exciting to see our "beauties" open!


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