Thursday, April 25, 2013

Aerial View of Yellow Rose Bed and How It Was Done

I always envied bloggers who live in two story houses and take photos out an upstairs window. Today He-Who-Mows had a lift attachment on a tractor that he uses for various things around the farm.
I said, "You could lift me high in the air and I could take Garden Photos." And he did.

View of the Yellow Rose Bed in Panorama mode.
Daylilies on the near side hide dying daffodil foliage. The Daylilies are already blooming. In the middle are Shasta Daisy plants and White Pentas are just beginning to bloom. The right end is anchored with a golden Euonymous and the big thing on the left is a white Crape Myrtle. We're a month from Crape Myrtle blooms.

You must realize this is a home-made contraption, with a rail on only three sides. When I was going up and down, I busied myself with things like changing the camera from Panorama mode back to Landscape or to Movies. When I was actually taking pictures, the tractor was turned off and I was stationary. This is a view down onto the Oval Lawn in the Upper Garden, with Dogwood trees on each side.

Here I'm looking down on He-Who-Mows and the View is toward the field.

He parked in four different spots and sat patiently while I played photographer. I was ready to come down after I stayed in the air and he moved the tractor forward about fifty feet, that last time.

Curiously, aerial shots are not always the best views. The ones toward the sun were definitely not good. I was so hoping to show you the buds in the top of 'Little Gem' Magnolia.

We've had a long day. A new path is mowed behind the azalea walk. I had to dig out a huge hydrangea, pieces at a time and dig out some rooted azalea pieces that would otherwise be mowed. I can hardly wait to show you it, at ground level.

Here's the new path (center) through the azaleas. It turns to the left and circles around to come out by the Bird Bath Rock which incidentally has a newly repaired hose and a new valve to control it.

More to come from this old woman who was really 'high' -- in the air -- this afternoon.


  1. What fun! How exciting to be up in the air taking pictures from a whole new perspective! I'd take more photos through my upstairs windows, but they need cleaning.

  2. Congratulations on your adventure! I wish I had something that would allow me to take aerial pictures!

  3. You are so lucky to have all the toys, and a playground so wide for your colorful characters. I'd love to garden with you!

  4. This would be so much fun. He-who-mows is a good sport and I love your views from higher up.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. Nice to see the new views! I would be afraid to ride that bucket up. If I get to far off the ground my dizziness gets very bad and I would have to hold onto something besides the camera.

    More mowing is something I could handle....with DH's help now that we have two mowers.


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