Sunday, April 14, 2013

Broad Views before Bloom Day

Almost time for Bloom Day, again? April is full of surprises. April is also a busy time in the garden. We in the Deep South have to get the biggest chores done before it gets too hot to work outside so we can sit on the Veranda in the Shade with a glass of Iced Tea on hot, muggy summer days.

Camellias are almost done. Hot weather will soon toast the remaining buds. In the summer little fruits that look almost like tiny green apples will show up, holding 4 large seeds. A lady in a nearby town told me to just throw the seeds under the pine trees, 'They come up like Zinnias,' she said. My experience is that they sit in a container for the whole winter and the resulting plant takes years to bloom but worth the wait.
Behind the camellia bush on the left, I moved the first daylily clump, a Hydrangea and some Crinums to open up a space for the mower to cut through.  This Camellia needs a good pruning, too. Notice how it seems to have a 'waist'? Years ago it was burned at the bottom and took years to fill in again.
In the distance, center you see a glimpse of Loropetalums.
  Loropetalums from the opposite direction. Imagine what giant shrubs they would be if I hadn't limbed them up as trees!  Limbing up is an ongoing process but it takes little effort as compared to keeping Loropetalums as giant mounds of dark leaves and adds more dimension to the garden.
Poppies of all kinds follow fading Spring bulbs.
Last year on April Bloom Day there were Lilies, Daylilies, pink Spiraea, and Oakleaf Hydrangea in bloom. All are late this year, or were they early last year? In 2011, we had hail mid-April. Blooming in April 15, 2010 were Azaleas in full bloom. They are done for this year. Every year is different.

Welcome rain last night and this morning and again this afternoon.
I can't disguise farm equipment. I just make sure there's plenty to see between here and there. The view out the shop door is great. He-Who-Mows does notice 'his' roses.
A last look at pink Knockout.
Pecan trees leafed out, Spring is definitely here.


  1. Love your views filled with lovely blooms.


  2. The broad views are looking mighty great! You better hurry and get those chores done because it seems like we went straight to summer here in Tennessee. Urgh! I think your camellia is wonderful-waist and all. I like the story of throwing the apples under a pine tree or two. I can see that happening for sure! What a treat!

  3. I love broad views or wide angle shots. They give me some probably 'characteristics' of the garden owners, somehow they introduce me to their master. Yes i remember those blooms of azaleas you posted before, i didn't realize it's been years! But that loropetalum, though alien to me too, is very beautiful as well.

  4. Spring is here......and isn't it beautiful at your home!


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